Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bhagwati Tara Mantra for Making Wish Come True

This is a Bhagwati Tara Mantra Experiment, which can prove to be most fruitful, if performed during the period of the Navratri festival. This Tara Mantra Experiment is called in the Hindi language as the Bhagwati Tara Sampurna Manokamana Purti Mantra Prayog, which will fulfill even the most difficult and stubborn wish or desire of the practitioner.

The Mantra Sadhana is simple and straightforward and it will take at the most 4 hours to complete it, if practiced as described by me in this post.

Bhagwati Tara is described in the Dasa Mahavidyas as the second Great Shakti or Great Form of the Divine and Absolute Mother Goddess. Hence, this is a Shakti Mantra Sadhana, which can prove to be hugely beneficial in making any wish or want of the practitioner come true, be it of getting material things like money, wealth or property, freeing oneself from the burdens of debts and legal problems, getting rid of diseases and ailments, getting peace of mind or getting married to a desired man or woman.

The practitioner should have a full-body bath, wear clean clothes, maintain celibacy and eat one meal of pure and Satvik food on the day on which he performs the Bhagwati Tara Mantra Sadhana.

1] The practitioner should wear a red colored Dhoti and sit on a red colored sitting mat, while performing this Mantra Sadhana.

2] He should keep a Pooja Thali in-front of himself and using Kumkum [Vermilion]Paste write the Goddess Tara Mantra – श्री ताराय नमः -Shri Taaraaya Namah – in the center of the Pooja Thali.

3] He should then, keep a bowl of Milk mixed with water in-front of the Pooja Thali and offer flowers and then sitting on the same sitting mat, chant the same Goddess Tara Mantra for 20 Malas or 2160 Mantra Chants. A Rudraksha Japa Mala can be used for this Mantra Sadhana.

4] He should then, worship the Japa Mala and apply a Tilak of Kumkum on the Sumeru[Central Bead of a Japa Mala].

5] He should then, apply a similar Tilak of Kumkum in front of the Tara Mantra, which he has written on the Pooja Thali and offer Akshata [whole rice grains] and flowers.

6] After this, the practitioner has to take a Sankalp [Pledge] by taking water in his right hand and saying “I [name], son of[name of father] am performing this Tara Siddhi Mantra Sadhana for fulfilling my wish of [the exact wish or desire]”. After this, he should let the water in his hand drip before the Pooja Thali.

7] Then, the practitioner should chant 20 Malas of the Mantra given below for 20 Malas.
ऐं ओं ह्रीं क्रीं हूँ फट ||
Aim Aum Hreem Kreem Fatt ||

The practitioner should offer Food and Dakshina to an unmarried girl, who has not gained puberty. This completes the Bhagwati Tara Mantra Sadhana, which can prove to be immensely beneficial in making any inner-most wish, hope or dream of the practitioner come true, if performed with sincerity and devotion.


  1. Neel sir, Any realistic wish can be fulfilled.

  2. Neel ji Pranams,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful mantra sadhana
    Kindly support and clarify -
    1. Is this a single day sadhana or to be done on all the 09days of Navratri,
    2. Can it be performed on any other auspicious Muharat or day,
    3. The first 20mala is with mantra - aum taaraaya namah or the 2nd mantra,
    4. Any particular time - day or at night,

    Also Neel ji I am facing my worst time of life - under notice period in job, no new opportunity I see, high debt, son higher education not clear and also admission fee a issue, all things not with me,,.. astrology wise also planets not favourable,,,,,no source of income,,,
    you have been so helpful and have guided, kindly guide me they this,,, my high priority shall be -
    1. Blessings from Lord, HE should be pleased,
    2. Immediate a new job opportunity and doing well in that,
    3. And no more futher issues,,,,

    My humble prayers kindly share easy, highly effective sadhana with would surely be a Success, to meet and overcome my immediate issues and solution,

    Waiting for your words ,,,,. Pranams

    1. It is a one-time Mantra Prayog, Navrathri is the recommended period, yes the first mantra is for 20 malas, there is on special time.

      This is a simple and straightforward mantra prayog and only what is mentioned in the article is the essential part.

    2. 1)single day sadhna

      2) it is not given in the post that performing it in navratri is mandatory so u can do on any other very auspicious day

      3) the first 20 is with the same mantra written in thali and second 20 are with given mantra

      4) morning time

      For other problems
      Chant mahalaxmi ashtkam 108 times daily and durga 32 namavali 108 times daily also if u are having sufficient time chant hanuman chalisa 108 times or 216 times which can only help
      Also there are 2 sadhnas in this site

      1) ram mantra for mrityu tulya kasht

      2) hanuman sadhna for those who have lost all hopes

    3. Hi Aditya kaviraj..
      Nice info, but, I have a doubt, near by my house der is a shiv mandir can I do this puja procedure by sitting near shiv Lingam pls sujust me Iam asking u as any other devote, or I feel u as guru,,n pls also say after the completion of whole puja wat should we do to puja thaali, n samagri,pls answer my all doubts

    4. U can perform this in temple premises or at home only beacuse such sadhnas should be performed in isolation if u are chanting some mantra generally than u will get much more benefit if done in temple or mountain or river bank than at home

      U can ask for any other query or mantra or problem but regarding samagri neel sir can tell as he found this sadhna so he knows what the text says

    5. प्रिय कमल शर्मा जी,
      मे इस साइट का एक साधारण पाठक हूँ. आपको मेरी राय है कि (1)नकारात्मक शक्ति को दूर करने,कर्ज़ मुक्ति,नौकरी मे परेशानी दूर करने के लिए प्रतिदिन सुंदर कांड का पाठ करें .
      (2)कर्ज़ मुक्ति के लिए गजेन्द्रमोक्ष का पाठ करें
      (3)बिघ्नहर्ता गणेश प्रतिमा/ चित्र के सामने संकल्प कर संकट नाशक गणेश स्तोत्र के 12 पाठ किया करें .(4)नौकरी या धन की चाह के लिए प्रतिदिन सुबह शाम 20 मिनट जाप करें-ओम कंकाली महाकाली
      केलिकला भ्याम स्वाहा .
      (5)ऋण मोचन महा गणपति स्तोत्र का पाठ करें .
      (6)श्री सूक्त का पाठ करें .

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, a woman can perform the experiment, except during the monthly periods.

    2. Neel ji can we do this sadhana multy time for multi wishes

  4. Neel ji, pls reply to my last comment,
    Pls suggest best solution

    1. the the answer to your earlier comment.

  5. ..........डिअर निल जी , भगवती तारा का एकाक्षरी मंत्र - " स्त्रीम " " स्त्रीं " हे ...जो की इस मंत्र में नहीं लिया गया .... || ऐं ओम ह्रीं क्रीं हूँ फट ||....क्या ये इस तरह बोला जा सकता हे .....|| ऐं ओम ह्रीं क्रीं स्त्रीं हूँ फट ||........

    1. This is the Mantra, which is specified for this Sadhana, it cannot by changed.

    2. प्रिय श्री पटेल ,
      "स्त्रीं"..कीलनमुक्त मंत्र है,तथा महाविद्या तारा का एकाक्षरी मंत्र है.
      "ओम हृीं स्त्रीं हुम फट"का लाल मूँगा /स्फटिक /काला हकीक माला से कम से कम 12 पाठ करना चाहिए,

  6. Neel ji Pranams,
    One question and appreciate a quick reply as I plan to do this Shri Tara devi sadhana tonight,,,,

    Can this Tara sadhana be done if there is already another Dasvidhya sadhana in progress ???

    Kindly reply

    1. There is no harm in trying this Sadhana, as it is a one-time Mantra Prayog.

  7. Satya ji, this Gajendra moksha stotram have to be recited ONLY in Bhramamutra or can be chanted anytime
    Kindly reply

    1. शर्माजी,
      मैने "कल्याण" के बरसो पुराने अंक मे तब पढ़ा था.
      "घोर संकट नाशक गजेंद्र स्तोत्र"की भूमिका मे लिखा
      था कि पं मदन मोहन मालवीय इसमे बड़ा विश्वास करते थे तथा इसके पाठ से वे ऋण मुक्त हुए थे.
      पाठ उषा काल मे प्रतिदिन करने का विधान बताया था.

  8. Greetings, When chanting mantras, can I chant it silently? Or do I have to say it out loud?
    Thank you

    1. You can chant the Mantras silently, but the wordings should be clear.

  9. प्रिय शर्माजी,
    बरसो पहले 'कल्याण'के पुराने अंक मे "घोर संकट. नाशक गजेन्द्र मोक्ष का प्रयोग"पढ़ा था .प्रतिदिन प्रातः उषा काल मे पाठ करने का विधान बताया था.
    लिखा था कि पं मदन मोहन मालवीय इस स्तोत्र मे बड़ा विश्वास करते थे,तथा इसके पाठ से ऋण मुक्त हुए थे.

  10. Hi Neel Ji , I have completed this mantra as per the instructions. How long it takes for the wish to be fullfilled

  11. Dear sir married woman should also say their father name and can dakshina n food be offered to a girl any day of navratri or the same day when the sadhna is commenced
    Please reply
    One should have taken guru diksha to perform this prayoga

    1. The married woman should take her fathers name and offer Dakshina on the same day after completing the Mantra Sadhana.

    2. प्रिय नीलजी,
      कृपया para2 देखे.थाली मे कुमकुम से ओम .तारायै नमः लिखना है.फिर para3 के अनुसार थाली के समक्ष जल
      मिश्रित दूध व पुष्प अर्पित करने हैं ..ara3 का शेष भाग
      (and then sitting on the same .t chant.........
      mantra sadhna)नहीं होना चाहिए ,क्योंकि मन्त्रजाप तो संकल्प (para6)के बाद करना है(para7)

    3. The Mantra in para 2 is a puja-mantra, which has to be chanted and then sankalp for main mantra given in para 7 should be taken.

  12. Guru diksha is necessary can dakshina be given to more than one girl can it be done on 9th day of navratri

  13. सभी मंत्र साधनाओ मे गुरु दीक्षा आवश्यक नही होती .इस मंत्र साधना मे ऐसा बंधन ना होने से हर कोई इसे कर सकता है .साधना नवरात्रि मे करनी है,अतः नवमी को भी की जा सकती है.एक कुमारी को भोजन व दक्षिणा आवश्यक है.इस्के अतिरिक्त आप एकाधिक को भोजन दक्षिणा दे,तो दे सकती हैं.

    1. Thank you Sir, are you saying all the Guru Diksha is not necessary for Mantra Sadhanas? Or there is an exception?

    2. कई साधना मे ,(तामसी अघोरी)गुरु का मार्गदर्शन आवश्यक होता है,नही तो हानि की संभावना रहती है,अतः योग्य गुरु से दीक्षित होना आवश्यक है.
      गुरु और शिव को आध्यात्मिक जगत मे समान माना गया है.कहा गया है कि"य: शिव:स: गुरु: प्रोक्त:,य:गुरु:स:शिव:स्मृत:"अर्थात गुरु और शिव दोनो ही अभेद हैं .अत:सामान्य साधनाओ मे शिव को गुरु मान "ओम नम:शिवाय "की एक माला जप करें और शिवजी से साधना की सफलता के लिए याचना करें.

  14. Sir This Sadhana can be done even on any of Dus Mahavidhya Jayanthi at least on Adya Kali & Tar Jayanthi, please reply.

  15. Dear Neelji,

    You said that the girl should be given dakshina same day. I was planning to do this Sadhna after 8 pm. In this case canno give the dakshina next day morning as the Sadhna will take few hours

  16. in my area if offer sweets n dakshin people wont recieve they think as if i m giving sumthing to harm my area peoples r cruel.. instead to a girl can given to temple pujari or brahmin

  17. Neel ji, it is OK to do this Sadhana in any of Gupt Navratri also,please reply so that I can do this Sadhana in upcoming Ashaad Navratri from 24 of this month.


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