Friday, April 7, 2017

Siddh Navnath Total Protection Mantra

This is a Siddh Mantra of the Navnath Panth for securing the self against all kinds of hazards and perils from known, hidden, mysterious dark, demonic and ghostly sources.  The Mantra is most  effective in eliminating evil black magic spells cast by an evil spell-caster or an Aghori Tantrik, including destructive Mantras-Yantras or Tantras.

The Mantra as can be seen from its wordings keeps the practitioner secure while he is engaged in any kind of Mantra- Yantra- Tantra experiment and prevent any kind of paranormal disruptions, it is a most potent and powerful Atma-Raksha Mantra. It is at the same time useful in removing psychological fear and phobia from the mind of the practitioner.

Apart from this the Mantra is helpful in giving relief to the practitioner to survive in calamatic conditions like drought and famine.

The Siddhi Sadhana to get control over the Mantra is uncomplicated, the practitioner should chant the Mantra 1008 times repeatedly, without taking a break on any suspicious Hindu Tithi or festival like Holi, Navratri or Diwali or during the period of any kind of full or partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse. He is advised to used a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary to count the Mantra Repetitions.

ॐ नमो भगवते, सकल भयोच्चाटन भैरवाय, भूत-प्रेत-पिशाच्च-ब्रह्मराक्षसादि सकल भयोच्च्चाटनाय स्व-मंत्र-यन्त्र-तंत्र-रक्षणाय, अष्ट भैरवाय,  शाकिनी- डाकिनी- छिन्दाय, सर्व भयप छेदाय सकल अनावृष्टि छिन्दाय, सर्वदानव-राक्षस छिन्दाय, हं हं हं पर मंत्र-यन्त्र-तंत्र छिन्दाय हुं,  नवनाथ-सिध्दभैरवाय हुं फट स्वाहा |
Om Namo Bhagavate, Sakal  Bhayocchaatana Bhairavaaya, Bhoot-Pret-Pishaaccha-Brahmaraakshasaadi Sakal Bhayocchaatanaaya Sva-Mantra-Yantra-Tantra-Rakshanaya, Ashta-Bhairavaaya, Shaakini-Daakini-Chhindaaya, Sarva Bhayapa Chhedaaya Sakal Anaavrushti Chhindaaya, Sarvadaanava-Rakshasa  Chhindaaya,  Ham Ham Ham Par Mantra-Yantra-Tantra Chhindaaya Hum, Navnaath-Sidhdabhairavaaya Hum Fatt Swaha |

If the practitioner succeeds is getting control over this Mantra, its effects will be enormous and long-lasting and all that the practitioner has to do is to chant the Mantra just 3 times whenever he feels uncertain, scared or insecure.


  1. Sir just like politicians and bureaucrats have a Z plus security cover it is not possible for common people like us. So will this act like a paranormal Z plus cover for us?

  2. Neel sir you have navnath asthonamavali stotra

  3. Hello, I tried to contact you personally on email but it seems you are extremely busy. I want to share one important query which is eating me up from inside and i don't see a way out. Can you please help me? I can call you. I am in UK.

    1. You can ask your queries in the comments section.


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