Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sun Worship For Job Transfer

In a recent post , I had written about the immense benefits of Sun Worship in fulfilling any kind of desire, wish or dream, including the harnessing its power for the purposes of casting Vashikaran Spells to attract and enchant any man or woman. In this post, I have described a special form of Sun Worship. Which involves a specific kind of Surya Arghya or Offering Water to the Sun God in order to move ahead in the job and employment by getting a transfer or promotion to a desired place or coveted position.

The practitioner can attempt the paranormal remedy, which is called in the Hindi language as the Naukri Me Unnati Ya Icchit Tabadla Ka Upay by following the simple steps mentioned below.

The practitioner has to keep his head facing the South Direction [Dakshin Disha] while sleeping on the night before the day he is going to perform the remedy.

The next day, he should wake up early in the morning before Sunrise [Suryodaya], have a full body bath, and wear clean clothes.

Then he should take two Copper Utensils and fill one of them with Water and Eleven Red Chilies [Lal Mirch] and Water, a few Bael Leaves [Bel Ke Patte] and a small chunk of Jaggery [Gud] in the second Copper Utensil.

Finally, to conclude the remedy, the practitioner should offer the contents of both the Copper Utensil one after the other to the Rising Sun [Ugya Hua Suraj], then fold his hands, and pray to the Sun God to bless him with the desired job transfer, posting or a change in the nature and environment of the job.

This Surya Dev Arghya Totka has to be performed once with full faith and sincerity.
A woman should not perform the Surya Arghya during the days of her Monthly Cycle.
This remedy for job transfer has originated from the mystical paranormal text, the Lal Kitab.


  1. for how many days this remedy could be performed...?

    1. If you read the article carefully, you will find that it is a one time Sadhana.


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