Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Machindranath Mantra

This is a Dhyan Mantra or a mantra for concentration recited to incur the blessings of. Matsyendranatha or Machindranath. Machindranath is the first of the nine saints and masters the Navnath’s.He is also the Guru of Gorakshanath.
He is also known as Adinath or the First Master. Most of the mantras and remedies have originated from the Nath Sampradaya or the Nath linage and tradition, which is active even today.

Om adinatho gururyasya gorakshasyachyo guru: tamham mahasiddham jagatgurum ll
आदिनाथो गुरूर्यस्य गोरक्षस्यचयो गुरु: तमहं महासिद्धम जगतगुरुम् ll

1 comment :

  1. Sir , is this a Shabar mantra?
    This mantra indirectly speaks of Guru machindranath without mentioning his name .
    Can this be chanted to invoke blessing of guru machindranath before commencing any mantra sadhana.


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