Yantra to Uproot and Make Enemy Roam Aimlessly

The correct method of making and using a Prachin or ancient enemy eradication Yantra for uprooting an enemy from your surroundings and making him move around aimlessly or without direction and purpose like a mad person has been described in this post.

This Shatru Uchchatan Yantra has been described in an authentic ancient text and it is said that this was among those Yantras, which were described by none other than Lord Shiva himself. I have myself studied this text which is in the Sanskrit language and hence the exact method described in the text has been described in this post.

The Method or Vidhi of this Shatru Uchchatan Yantra Prayog is described below.

1] It can be made and used on any day and there is no special day prescribed in the ancient text for making or utilizing this Shatru Nashak Yantra.

2] The Uchchatan Yantra should be made on a piece of Bhojpatra or a white piece of paper and written with black colored ink using the pointed end of a feather of a crow as the pen.

The name of the enemy who is desired to be punished has to be written in the circle in place of the word – देवदत्त

3] The Yantra should be kept on a wooden board and worshiped for 3 days and an incense stick and oil lamp should be lit before it every day for these 3 days.

4] Then, it should be buried upside down in the ground, which means the side of the paper or Bhojpatra on which the Yantra has been drawn should face downwards.

This Vidhi as per the Tantra throws the enemy out and makes him move around without purpose, like a mad man.

Note- See the sections on Mantras and Yantras for Enemies and Yantras for all purposes on our site Prophet666.com for may more options for resolving and removing enemy related problems.

The video in the Hindi language of this enemy liquidation experiment can also be seen on our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Prophet666channel


  1. Please post any method to remove the videshan or quarrel created between two lovers by their parents using magic/taweez.

  2. Can we burry this yantra shamsan Bhoomi also, for quick and powerful results. And use shatru mukh nashak yantra too, simultaneously.

  3. Neel Sir, Please give those Hindi letters in the petals of yantra pronounciation in English.
    Unable to understand whether it is “khah” or “rwahah” & “heem” or “hreem”.

    I searched in your YouTube channel. There is no video on this post there.

  4. sir can you please share your number as am not founding a solution for my problem pz sir

  5. can we burry this in flwer pot as there is no ground over there it totaly coverd with cc road

  6. Please answer me that if I have no crow features.please sir I'm really in trouble because of my enemy.

    1. See the section on Mantras for enemies for all kinds of remedies related to enemy problems.

  7. Can I use any other bird's feature???? please answer me

  8. RamRam ji, could u explain what steps we should perform when u say: Worship for 3 days.? Thank u Sir!

    1. Light Dhoop / Agarbatti and Diya in front of the Yantra for three days.


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