Magical Mantra for Healing and Malefic Planets

In this post, I have written about a Magical Mantra Chant from the Jain Tantra that has been attributed with the powers of Healing a sick person or someone who is going through a torrid time because of adverse and harmful planets in his horoscope or because of the Dasha-Maha Dasha or Transits of Paap Graha or malefic planets.

The procedure of practicing this Jain Mantra is very simple and it is a Siddh Mantra because no Siddhi Sadhana has been prescribed for practicing this Mantra to heal yourself or others.

The Tantra also does not prescribe specific timings, rituals, or any form of worship for practicing this Mantra Chant.

Magical Mantra Chant for Healing and Protection from Malefic Planets

The Mantra Vidhi is given below.
1] A pinch of medicinal Churna or Vibhuti [sacred ash] has to be taken and the Mantra given below has to be chanted 7 times in order to infuse that object with the power of the Healing Mantra.

ॐ कुंथुं दकुंथे कुंथुकुंथे किडकुंथुमई ठः ठः स्वाहा ||
Om Kumthum Dakumthe Kumthukumthe Kidakumthumaee Thah Thah Swaha ||

2] Then, this Mantra Infused ash has to be sprinkled on the body of the sick person or the person who is suffering due to the ill-effects of Dusht Graha or malefic planets. If you are going to practice this Healing Mantra Remedy on yourself, you have to sprinkle the infused object on your own body.

Notes- You can see the sections on Jain Mantra and Tantra, Health Mantras and Astrology Mantras and Tantras for similar Mantras, Healing and Astrology Spells.

This article is based upon the Jain Tantra and even though this is a harmless Healing Mantra Remedy, the practitioner is advised to practice it along with his on-going medical treatment.

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  1. Neelji, will this mantra work on birth defects and disorders also? Please send your reply on

  2. Navagraha dhyana/japa mantra from Sadhu sankuli tantra----
    1.kleem aim shreem hreem sooryaaya namah' .
    2.hreem hreem hum somaaya svaahaa .
    3.hreem om aim kujaaya svaahaa . kleem om budhaaya svaahaa
    .5.ram yam hreem aim gurave namah' ..
    6.hum hum shreem shreem nam ram shukraaya svaahaa
    7.hreem kleem shanaishcharaaya namah' .
    8.vam aim vam vam kleem vam tamase svaahaa .
    9.shreem shreem aam vam ram lam ketave svaahaa

    1. dont it need initiation i liked mantra number 5 to which diety

  3. i liiked mantra number 5 dont need initiation? to which deity it is

    1. Mantra number five is related to Jupiter(वृहस्पति ). No initiation required. One can chant directly after meditation(ध्यान )---
      om kanakaruchiragauram chaarumoortim prasannam
      dvibhujamapi sarajau sandadhaanam surejyam .
      vasanayugadadhaanam peetavastram subhadram
      suravaranarapujyamangirogotrayuktam ..
      dvijavarakulajaatam sindhudeshaprasiddham

      trijagati ganashresht'hashchaadhidaivam tadeeyam .
      sakalagirinihantaa indrah' pratyaadhidaivam
      grahaganagurunaatham tam bhaje'bheesht'asiddhau ..
      ram yam hreem aim gurave namah' .
      ॐ कनकरुचिरगौरं चारुमूर्तिं प्रसन्नं
      द्विभुजमपि सरजौ संदधानं सुरेज्यं ।
      वसनयुगदधानं पीतवस्त्रं सुभद्रं
      सुरवरनरपुज्यमङ्गिरोगोत्रयुक्तम् ॥
      द्विजवरकुलजातं सिन्धुदेशप्रसिद्धं
      त्रिजगति गणश्रेष्ठश्चाधिदैवं तदीयम् ।
      सकलगिरिनिहन्ता इन्द्रः प्रत्याधिदैवं
      ग्रहगणगुरुनाथं तं भजेऽभीष्टसिद्धौ ॥
      रं यं ह्रीं ऐं गुरवे नमः ।.-

  4. Neelji does it work only if a person is sick or for any problems due to malefic planets??

  5. Please sanathan dharm k ilawa kisi ka tantra mantra na dala karen. Hum hinduon ko varjit h sanathan k ilawa kisi vidya ko krna. Jain etc humse nikle hue humhare hi bache hain. Aik baat yaad rakhna tantra sirf sanathan ka hai baki sara fraud hai 😁

    1. Is web site par sabhi dharmon aur panton ke log aate hain. Yeh sabki suvidha aur pragati ke liye hai.


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