Bedtime Mantra to Fall Asleep Immediately

In this post, I have written about a very effective Bedtime Beej Mantra Chant for getting rid of Sleeplessness or insomnia. The Mantra Chant can be useful for those suffering from chronic insomnia and also those people who suffer from sleeplessness once in a while due to some or the other reason.

The chanting of this simple but powerful Beej Mantra, which is connected to the Kundalini Tantra will resolve all kinds of problems related to sleep disorders or chronic insomnia resulting from depression, mental tension, fear, disputes and problems in business or job, diseases and pain, broken marriages or love affairs, domestic and marital problems, and other problems.

Sometimes most people suffer from sleeplessness due to tiredness, indigestion, lack of food or being overweight and other such non-serious problems. This Beej Mantra can also be beneficial for these people.

Mantras for Insomnia

The simple procedure should be followed in order to practice the Mantra Chanting to remove sleeplessness.

1] The Mantra should be chanted while trying to sleep at night.

2] The practitioner should relax his mind and body and chant the Seed Sound three times, and then once again chant it three times and so on until he falls asleep.

3] The practitioner can chant the Mantra verbally or mentally.

मं मं मं
Mam Mam Mam

The Hindi language video of this Mantra Chant can be seen here - Mantra for Deep and undisturbed sleep

The video another powerful Mantra to remove insomnia can be seen here - Mantra to Fall Asleep Immediately

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