Five Realistic Doomsday Prophecies and Coronavirus

The real facts about the Coronavirus Outbreak are still unknown and shrouded in mystery. Most conspiracy theorists and even some people who interpret prophecies and predictions believe that COVID-19 is a biological weapon experiment gone wrong.

In my opinion, Coronavirus is unlikely to be a biological weapon that was intentionally activated. The chances of it being unintentionally leaked from a laboratory are higher.

If the Coronavirus Pandemic is a result of a biological weapon, it could have spread faster and the death rate could be much higher. However, it cannot be ruled out that COVID-19 is a prototype virus that is still being developed into much deadlier versions or mutations.

Some claims made by prophecy experts and others who claim to have interpreted doomsday prophecies are mentioned below.

Five Realistic End of the World Prophecies and Coronavirus

1] Coronavirus is the Great Plague predicted by Nostradamus- This site has interpreted this prophecy years back and has recently explained it in detail. The chances of the atmosphere on earth becoming toxic and unlivable are much higher at this point of time and any other period in the history of modern humans.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is only the beginning of the poisonous atmosphere on earth, which goes hand-in-hand with famines and shortages of essential commodities.

2] The Mayan Doomsday date was not interpreted correctly – Many followers of the End of the World or Doomsday Prophecies have started claiming that the Doomsday date of 21 December 2012 was not interpreted correctly and the End of the World and Mayan Prophecies are connected to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This site had predicted earlier in 2012 that the world would not end on the 21st of December 2012, but it could be a much toxic and dangerous place to live in.

The End of the World will not come dramatically in one stroke, like a comet hitting the earth or a  mega-earthquake-volcano-tsunami. However, there will be a series of most disastrous events that will change the lifestyle and consciousness of humans. We are experiencing the “change of lifestyle” part due to Lock-Downs, something that nobody would have even thought of a few months back when everything was normal.

Nature is preparing humans for drastic changes in their way of living and looking at life. The Lockdowns are only the beginning of things to expect in the future.

3] Sylvia Browne Prophecy about Coronavirus Pandemic – This is a very startling prophecy, which was predicted just a few years back. However, it is only partly correct because COVID-19 has not disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The By-Line of most politicians nowadays is “Learn to live with Coronavirus” because they have nothing to offer to the public.

4] Coronavirus Pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg – This is probably the best way of describing the near future or the future of the world after the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

As pointed out in a recently published article, Coronavirus is just the beginning of things to come in the future. The Prophecies of Nostradamus, the Bible Prophecies, and the Mayan Prophecies all tie up somewhere in all this.

5] The Outbreak of World War-3 – China figures prominently in all these recent prophecies and predictions. The role of China and the USA in the Battle of Armageddon has been discussed earlier in the Prophecies on World War – 3 and the Great War predicted in the Bible. This is a realistic prophecy and it could be triggered-off by seemingly irreverent events that could go wrong.

This Prophecy about the “Kings of the East” has still not been interpreted correctly. However, it is connected to the Great Battle of Armageddon, after which governance will collapse all over the world.

Note- See the sections on various Prophecies and Predictions for more startling Future Prophecies and Predictions.


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