Coronavirus Prophecy and Human Evolution

It appears that nature is preparing mankind for a different kind of lifestyle by way of the Coronavirus Pandemic. COVID-19 appears to be some sort of trigger in the evolution cycle of humans and is also a part of a larger scheme of things that will occur in the near future.

We have spoken about a lot of prophecies and predictions, including the Prophecies of Nostradamus, Hindu, and Bible Prophecies relating to the probable events that are likely to unfold in the coming future and how the world will be an altogether different place to live.

Hence, the Coronavirus Pandemic seems like a dry run-up leading to the New Lifestyle that will emerge sooner or later.

Some important things that will lead to this change in consciousness or evolution have been mentioned below. These points are based upon our interpretations of a wide range of prophecies and predictions, including those relating to World War – 3, the Coming World Climax and Wars and Natural Disasters predicted in the Bible.

Coronavirus Prophecy of Nostradamus and Human Evolution

1] The surface of the world will become toxic due to viruses and other biological and chemical substances. These will be man-made disasters triggered-off by some rouge nations.

2] This toxicity leads to a Global Famine and shortage of essential commodities, food and food-grains, and most other things that are essential for the survival of humans.

3] The Money Markets will collapse and currency will become just pieces of paper. Gold and Silver will have the same value as iron. This is another Prophecy of Nostradamus, which has been discussed in detail some years back on this site.

4] Revolutions, including sudden and spontaneous revolutions all over the world. The common public will be involved in these revolutions, the main purpose being to destroy the New World Order.

5] Wars, including Global and Nuclear Wars will cause widespread destruction of life and property. This will make the atmosphere on earth more and more toxic and poisonous due to the widespread use of chemical and biological weapons.

6] Natural Disasters on a global scale, including volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes accompanied by tsunamis, including the Big Earthquakes predicted in the Prophecies of Nostradamus and the Bible Prophecies. This earthquake and the accompanying tsunami will be so huge that it will drown entire civilizations. Information about this Great Earthquake can be seen in the sections on Bible Prophecies and Natural Disasters predicted by Nostradamus.

7] Collapse of governance and law and order will spread global chaos and it will be the survival of the fittest or the powerful.

8] Scientifically advanced groups or communities will build settlements in outer space beyond the atmosphere of the earth. This part has been extensively described in the Prophecies of Nostradamus and who these space settlements will be constructed can be seen in the section on – Settlements in Outer Space, which is a scientific study by one of our associates who was an active member of one of these projects.

We have also interpreted some other very startling prophecies about evolution and the changes in the human body and consciousness, the truth about aliens, and time travel. These prophecies and predictions will be discussed in the near future.

Note- You can see the various sections on prophecies and predictions for more interesting information about how the world will change in the future.


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