Maha Akarshan Kleem Beej Mantra Sadhana

Maha Akarshan as the word itself says means extremely powerful, hence, the effects of this Mantra Sadhana are extremely extremely powerful. This is a long term Sadhana, which makes the use of the Kleem or Kling Beej Mantra for developing Tej and generating Attraction Power- Post By Guru Swami

Many Sadhaks keep asking me for big Sadhana and not just these small remedies or Mantra Prayogs so from next post onward Sadhanas will be posted along with Mantra Prayogs and remedies.

Today,  a simple but powerful technique is given, which will prove to be extremely effective, if practiced sincerely by followers of Vashikaran and Akarshan Vidya.

Maha Akarshan Kamdev Kleem Beej Mantra Sadhana

The procedure of practicing this Kleem or Kling Beej Mantra Maha Akarshan Sadhana is given below.

1] Start the Sadhana from a Friday night when there is no disturbance.

2] Sit facing the north direction on a red colored Aasan wearing comfortable clothes.

3] Take a big earthen Diya and keep it at a distance of approximately 2.5 ft from the place where you are sitting.

4] Now take cotton and color it with Red Kumkum and then light the Diya using that red colored cotton.

Now, I am giving the important steps for practicing this Sadhana.

1] To light the Diya use either Kadwa Oil or sweet oil.

2] While lighting the lamp, chant the Beej Mantra Kling or Kleem.

3] After that just look at the flame normally for 2-3 minutes and try to imagine it in your Third Eye or Agya Chakra.

4] Then, gazing at the lamp and feeling it in your Agya Chakra, keep chanting the Mantra Kling or Kleem continuously

5] Do this for 108 minutes or 54 minutes daily for 180 days.

6] Now,  if you want Ugra Attraction chant the Beej Kling and use Kadwa Oil for lighting the Diya

If you want Saumya Attraction chant Kleem and use sweet oil for lighting the Diya,

By practicing this procedure you will develop an extremely powerful Tej and generate irresistible attraction power.

Note- Some effective Mantra Sadhanas using the Kleem Beej Mantra, which is the Beej or Root Mantra of the Hindu God of Love Kamdeva and other standalone techniques for increasing attraction powers can be seen in the various sections of this site, including the sections on Attraction Mantras and Spell and Vashikaran Remedies.


  1. OMG this was the mantra which i was waiting for....superb superb superb superb....millions of obeissances to you guru swami....maha guruji....

  2. But guruji,what is the difference between Saumya Attraction and Ugra Attraction?

  3. Hi sir kindly write an post on different shiv mantras fr shiv ratri.

  4. neel ji and guru swami ji , ashok mehta ji parnaam kese hae aap log shivratri aa rhi hae shivratri me mantra siddhi ke mantra btane ki chechtha kre.

    om namah shivay

  5. Dear sir please clarify. What is kadwa oil. Im from sri lanka. Is it mastard oil?

  6. What is the beej mantra of Devi Rati? Also beej mantra Kleem? And wich beej mantra is suitable for gay to attract men in there lives?

    Am doing Kleem mantra, but attract only girls :)

    1. Kleem Mantra will also attract gays, it all depends upon your mindset. Am अं is the commonly accepted Beej Mantra of Rati Devi.

    2. Neel Sir - sadar pranam - ghee ke diya se kya labh hoga please bataye

  7. Thank you very much. Whats written in hindi ? (am not indian).

  8. satya nidhi sir Pranam, kripa bataein ugra aakarshan ke liye kaise karu ?
    matlab ki - kling bolna hai ya kleeemm ? dusra sawaal ye hai ki - kya til ka tel use karu, ya chameli ka ya sarson ka ?
    mujhe shadi karni hai iss liye ugra wala prayog karna chahi hoo, kripa marg darshan karein

    1. मैं आज ही आपका मेल देख पाया .आपके प्रश्न का उत्तर पोस्ट के लेखक श्री गुरुस्वामी ही भली प्रकार दे सकते हैं .उग्र आकर्षण के लिए पोस्ट में निर्देश स्पष्ट हैं .मैं इतना ही कह सकता हूँ कि
      जप के पूर्व निम्न विनियोग कर लें -
      ॐ कामबीज मंत्रस्य सम्मोहन ऋषिः ,गायत्री छन्द :,सर्व सम्मोहन मकर देवता ,सर्व सम्मोहने विनियोगः
      "क्लीं कामदेवाय नमः "इस मन्त्र की तीन लाख मन्त्र जप से सिद्धि का विधान है .

  9. Dear sir,kindly please clarify what is sent oil?


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