Muslim Spell to Find Lost Relatives or Lovers

In this post, I have described a Muslim Paranormal Remedy or voodoo spell that makes use of an Amal for finding the location of lost relatives, friends, and other near and dear ones, including lovers.

This Amal experiment has been described in an old and reliable text on Shabar Vidya and it can be termed as an authentic Mantra Experiment.

I have specially written about this paranormal experiment because it is a standalone voodoo spell, which is free from any kinds of religious prayers or rituals.

It is also a very simple and uncomplicated Amal Prayog that can easily be practiced by anyone who wishes to find any lost relative, friend, or lover.
Muslim Spell to Find Lost Relatives or Lovers

The procedure of practicing this Amal Prayog:

1] This Prayog can be started on any day at night time while going to sleep.

2] The Amal given below should be written on a piece of white paper with any kind of ink and kept under the head of the practitioner, which means below the pillow.

3] The practitioner should chant the Amal 1000, times and then go to sleep. As the Amal comprises of just eight words, this will not take much time. The practitioner can use any kind of counting rosary or a counting counter to count the number of chants.

या हबीबु या अजीसु या जलीसु या अखिय्यु ||

Yaa Habibu Yaa Aajisu Ya Jalisu Ya Aakhiyyu ||

4] This Amal Prayog should be practiced for 7 days. As per the Shabar Tantra, during this period the practitioner will see the location of the lost relative or friend in a dream.

5] There are no rules regarding Disha, Aasan or Puja-Vidhi prescribed for this Amal Prayog, and anyone desiring to practice this paranormal experiment should only follow the simple procedure described in this post.

Note: More such Amals, Naqshs, Voodoo Spells, Mantras, and Yantras for a diverse range of purposes can be seen in the section on Muslim Mantras and Tantra


  1. Guruji, Is there any method to find the lost/forgotten/stolen items/articles also. I have either forgotten or misplaced or someone has mischieveously taken my mother's 2 gold Kadas and 4 gold bangles around six months back. I had brought them down from first floor to ground floor and had kept them safely from my side. But I have never found them again. I have tried Karthaveerya Arjuna Mantra thousands of times but have not succeeded. Can you please help me find them? Please tell on

    1. What's yours is yours , we are in the material world , what's lost wasn't meant to be , don't cry or belittle yourself for worthless things , move on.

  2. Sir can I find the location of a girl of whom I have no information other than her name and she doesn't know me within 7 days

    1. You sound psychopathic , I think you need a doctor and I hope that girl stays safe.

  3. Dear sir Neel ji and satyanidhi ji pranam..

    Sir Kya Muslim mantra yantra ki tarah Kya Hindu devi maa ya maa Kali ke koi aise mantra yantra nahi hai just keep dawar shartu ko pagal Kiya jae ya shaturu ka durbhgya jagaya Jai ya shatru ko mansik pagalpal paida Kiya jai. Ya shatru ko jaleel Kiya jae uska maan samman Yash prithistha San kuch nashtha kerdiya jai ya band Diya jae...krpya aise karyo ke mantra maa Kali ki stuti ya tantra mantra se purna ho pradann kare ..ap ke blog main Jo Muslim mantra her choti choti probably problems ke hai per Hindu maa Kali ke mantra ka her problem per koi khas praying nahi likhe hai...jite praying apne Muslim tantra ke likhe hai krpya un sabhi kab hindu vidhiik ka ya maa Kali ke prayogo Dara use bhi likhe...umeed hai AP Mera likhane ka ashay samjh gai honge...dhanybad



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