Global Healing Mantra for Pandemic

The Second Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic is in the process of gripping most parts of Indian Society, it has already changed the way we look at and approach life and this appears to be just the beginning in a still-unfolding sequence of life-changing events which is rapidly mutating on an almost day-to-day basis.

In this post, I have written about a couple of most important points which could be of great interest to the followers of Mantra Shastra and the Paranormal Way of Life.

1] Can any Healing Mantra Chant work effectively in giving relief from any of the strains, variants, or waves of the Coronavirus Pandemic or Covid-19.

2] Will this Paranormal Healing Remedy protect the chanter from all the future waves of the Coronavirus Pandemic and boost and strengthen the immune system.
Global Healing Mantra for Pandemic

The Global Healing Mantra Chant:

I have spoken about this 3 word Mantra Chant many times in various earlier posts and in several videos on our Hindi Language YouTube Channel. I also remember having described this Mantra Chant as being the most powerful Mantra in the World. It has worked many times for me.

This small but most powerful Mantra Chant is dedicated to Trilok Guru Guru Dattatreya, the cumulative or combined form of the Creator, Preserver and Destructor or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and it has the capacity of generating tremendous energy that can make anything possible or even the impossible possible.

This Global Mantra Chant can be used to get relief from any problem, danger, or calamity, including those related to pandemics and diseases, enemies, money, and property.

|| श्री गुरुदेव दत्त ||

|| Shri Gurudev Datta ||

How to chant this Maha-Mantra:

There is no need to follow any specific rules and regulations, like Disha, Aasan, Mala, etc. The Mantra can be chanted as and when required or even while standing, sitting, walking, or working. Faith is the most important ingredient and if the Mantra is chanted with willpower and intensity it will surely be a life-changing Mantra.

About the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic:

There appears to be no fixed method of treating the Covid-19 Pandemic and most methods of treating the virus can be compared to some sort of “Jugaad” or a hack of tried and tested methods.

Notes- The Hindi language version of this Maha Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel- Asambhav Ko Sambhav Karne Wala Maha Mantra

You can see the various sections on Healing Mantras, Paranormal Healing Remedies, Yantras, and Charms for more options.


  1. Hi neel feels great seeing your article.

  2. India must be saved! But there are a lot of people ech! But the mentality is +- good. So we pray for!

  3. We were missing you for a few days.

    We are all praying for the health of Mahabharata, and of course, of all over the world.

    We are so happy for read our favourite dear Guruji again.

    God bless you and all your loved ones.

  4. Sir plz share some remadies for getting divorce fast becouse I am in trouble I'm facing problem my in laws and husband threating me they are fighting with me for money dowry and son child plz help me plz 🙏🏻

  5. I have a question about this mantra. Do you also reach Devi ma, or Adi shakti with this mantra.

  6. Hi miss varsha.feels sad to hear such things and its a common problem everywhere and in India the issue of dowries make it worse.
    Hope that you would be able to get hold of a mantra or a tantric remedy for your situation but actually it would take time for such remedies or mantras to work.
    I hope that my suggestions would not offend u in any way..
    1.if u have some money,then take your son and move over to a totally new place or a different state. many countries the police would assist all domestic problem victims but in countries like India and even here in Malaysia,there are much problems especially when it comes to the minority indians here and so going to the police would actually give u more problems miss varshaa.
    If u have some money and the capacity to move out and go somewhere else,then please do and downs are everywhere and in everything that we do,we just have to adjust and live accordingly.but if we have plenty of money,then we can do what we want,but in reality no one is so.
    Actually miss varsha,I am an avid reader of neel sirs all articles,but I strongly believe more in actual day to day actions and not on mantras or tantric miss varshaa,instead please do something solid like what I had already stated above and if u have any good friends who are willing to help u out,then it would be great.I really do hope and pray that things would be better for u and your child.this dowry thing is indeed a curse for Hindu women.take care miss varsha..


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