Vishnu Mantras for Wealth and Property

Recently, I came across a few small but very beneficial and powerful 3 Akshari or 3 Words Mantras of Vishnu, which can bless his devotees with all kinds of material wealth, land and property,  peace and happiness.

These Mantras are some of the names of Lord Vishnu that are mentioned in the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Each of these names of Vishnu Bhagwan has a purpose attached to them and hence, the devotee can gain the blessing of Shri Vishnu by chanting that name and fulfill the purpose, wish or desire for which he is chanting the name.

Lord Vishnu Mantras for Wealth and Property and joy and abundance

1] The First Mantra appears in both the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra and Sri Ganesha Sahasranama Stotram and hence the Mantra can also be dedicated to Shri Ganesha, if the devotee so desires.

This Mantra can give wealth, abundance and all kinds of material luxuries and peace, joy and happiness along with it.

ॐ रत्नगर्भाय नमः ||
Om Ratnagarbhaya Namah ||

The One [ Vishnu] who is possessed with immense Wealth of kinds and gives prosperity and joy.

The Second and Third Mantras are especially useful if one is interested in gaining land or anything connected to land, like a house, farm, office, etc.

2] मंत्र
ॐ मेदिनीपतये नमः ||
Om Medinipataye Namah ||

The Protector or Palanharta of the Universe and everything that is contained in the Universe.

3] मंत्र
ॐ महावराहाय नमः ||
Om Mahavarahaya Namah ||

The Lord who appeared as the Varaha or Boar Avatar to save the Earth.

I have also given a brief meaning of the name of Lord Vishnu and its purpose or significance.

How to chant the Mantra
The practitioner can chant any one of the 3 Mantras or the First Mantra and anyone of the Second and Third Mantras because the Second and Third Mantras serve the same purpose and hence it is nor necessary to chant both of them.

The Mantra Chanting can be commenced on any day and the practitioner can chant the Mantra for 1 Mala or more per day or for a fixed period of time daily.

Special worship of any kind is not prescribed for the chanting of these Mantras.

Notes- The practitioner should keep in mind that Lord Vishnu will not help him in fulfilling selfish or harmful wishes or those desires that are connected to harming other people.

You can see more Mantra of Lord Vishnu in the section on Vishnu Mantras and Tantras.


  1. नीलजी,टंकण त्रुटि लगती है ।,माहावराहाय के स्थान पर महावराहाय होना चाहिए ।

  2. Ji.. I would like to consult you regarding mantra chanting. Can you please share your whatsApp no or email ji.


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