Best Form of Worship to Attain God

The verses from the Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita, which speak about the two types of seekers who are striving to seek the Unknown or God should be of great interest to new seekers or those who have recently taken to spiritualism and wish to know, which is the best kind of worship to attain God.

In these verses, Arjuna who received the Vishwaroop Darshan or Cosmic Form of Shri Krishna before the Great War of Mahabharata asks Shri Krishna about the best way to attain him and who among his worshipers are the best Yogis and which of the two main paths of attaining Him is better.

The Best Type of Worship to Attain God in Bhaavagd-Gita

Arjuna asked the Lord
“Among those devotees who worship You, with unflinching devotion and those who worship Your Imperishable and Unmanifested Form, who are considered to be the best Yogis”

The Lord replied
“Those who worship Me concentrating their mind on Me, with devotion and everlasting faith in Me are considered by Me to be the best Yogis”

“However, those who worship Me as the Imperishable, Indescribable, Unmanifested, All-encompassing, Inconceivable, Unchanging, Immovable and Ever-Existent, by controlling their senses, with a balanced mind and devotion to the welfare of all beings also attain Me alone”

“But, the effort for those whose minds seek the Unmanifested Form of Mine is greater because the path of worshiping the Unmanifested Form of Mine is harder”

There are those who worship the Personal Form of God in various forms, like Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, Durga Mata and some other Forms in most types of worship, including Shakti Worship and there are those who worship the Ever-Existent and Formless Form of God.

Both these basic paths of spiritualism have the same goal of ultimately finding God.

In the verses from the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita, God tells Arjuna that those traveling on both the paths attain Him, but, it is simpler for the seeker to concentrate all his energies on his Personal Form.

Those, worshiping the Formless and Changeless Form of God, will find it a little difficult to focus and divert all their energies on this Form because there is nothing to concentrate their devotion upon.

In the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, God tells his devotee that it is impossible to anyone to visualize his Real Form because it is beyond imagination.

However, it is essential for the worshiper of the Personal Form of God not to restrict or limit the power of that Form of God to some preconceived set of boundaries because if he does so then he is not worshiping God, but something else. 


  1. Happy new year Neel.Sir.More interesting and informative articles will make your blog more popular.

  2. Happy new year Neel sir .
    You are truly a blessing for people in distress. Iam very fortunate to have found your blog.which helped me to turn spiritual and courageous.
    Am excited for more interesting Sadhanas and articles this year.
    May you and your family be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

    1. Happy New Year and many thanks for the kind words.

  3. Dear Neel Sir,

    this post helped me a lot. I always felt a deep connection to Sri Krishna but unable to understand why god needs a 'form' or personality. I discussed with friends from several spiritual paths, all convinced that the cosmic being is definitely abstract and formless.

    The concept of 'ishta deva' cleared this. I had a lot of inner conflicts - primary if I could limit the power of god when worshipped in limited form.

    But in my personal opinion and after this article it is possible. We just have to be 100% faithful and devoting, god reduced his form to a simple, understandable one, so souls can meditate upon a singularity and infinity through a 'vessel' of boundary (in this case the body of Sri Krishna and many other).

    The formless god could never be understood by a soul, which is a smaller part of him. So a form is the best bridge between infinity and a soul, IF the devotee don't limit the power of it through doubt.

    Your blog changed my life, my understanding of mantras / yantras / tantras, hinduism and modern science. You are a very compassionate and kind soul for sharing all this knowledge unconditionally and it helped me and many beloved people in all life aspects.

    I am deeply thankful for this. May Sri Krishna bless you and every soul with everlasting happiness and peace.



    Greetings from Germany

    1. I am really happy that this post helped you, all the very best to you and may Sri Krishna fulfil your wishes.


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