Powerful Life Transforming Mantra

In this post, I have written about a very beneficial Life Transforming Mantra to attract positive energy into your lives and get peace of mind, happiness, and all kinds of material and spiritual wealth and be able to fulfill your desires.
When the mind is calm, composed, and at peace with itself, it starts attracting powerful positive vibrations, which make everything possible and within the reach of the practitioner. If the Mantra is chanted with faith and devotion, the Universe starts helping the practitioner to remove unhappiness from his house and fulfill his wishes.

This Mantra contains the Mantras of Lord Shiva and Shri Ganesha and some spiritual Mantras and the best way to chant it is to dedicate it to the Brahmand or Universe.

Mantra to Bring Positive Vibration in your Life

Benefits of chanting this Mantra: 1] The practitioner instantly starts attracting powerful positive energy into his mind, body, and house. This positive energy removes, repels, or destroys every kind of negativity, including evil eyes, curses, Black magic spells, and invisible evil beings.

2] The positive energy brings prosperity, peace, happiness, satisfaction, and abundance into the house and transforms the lives of the house residents.

3] This harmonious atmosphere attracts money and wealth and enables the practitioner to fulfill his wishes and desires and get success in life.

Best Method of chanting this Mantra: The practitioner can dedicate the Mantra to the Universe and chant it at least seven times every day in the morning or before going to sleep at night or at both these times.

ॐ श्री शंकराय नमः ||
ॐ श्री कैलाश पतये नमः ||
ॐ श्री पार्वती पतये नमः ||
ॐ श्री शांति सागराय नमः ||
ॐ श्री सुदाताय नमः ||
ॐ श्री विघ्नहर्ताय नमः ||
ॐ शांति शांति शांति ||

Om Shri Shankaraya Namah ||
Om Shri Kailash Pataye Namah ||
Om Shri Parvati Pataye Namah ||
Om Shri Shanti Sagaraya Namah ||
Om Shri Sudataya Namah ||
Om Shri Vighnahartaya Namah ||
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ||

Notes: The Hindi video of this Mantra to find peace of mind can be seen in the section Prophet666: Ghar Me Sukh-Shanti Laane Ka Ajmaya Mantra

All kinds of powerful devotional Mantras to get mental peace can be seen in various sections of this site, including the sections Prophet666.com: Devotional Mantras and Prophet666.com: Shiva Mantras and Tantra.


  1. You have mantra to get siddhi in spells.?

    1. Each Mantra has a separate procedure, there in no blanket Siddhi procedure for all Mantras, many Mantras also do not need Siddhi.

    2. kindly upload tripur madanakshi mantra and its benefits

  2. Ram ram
    We visited a Kali mandir here in south America and they said
    I have to do a sanganee and Kal bairo devotion along with Lord Shiva and Ganesha etc .

    But I'm skeptical should I go along with this devotion? I have to walk with white rum , cigarettes etc. Should I do it ? This will clear my way the mother invocation said ... Please reply. Thanks Swami

  3. How to find out some one has done something on oneself or his/her home. Which method gives clear picture

  4. Neel ji, when you say chant the mantras seven times a day. Do you mean it like chanting all the mantras once or each mantra seven times?

    1. These Mantras are considered to be one single Mantra so chant them together 7 times a day.

  5. When calling ghosts how will you see the ghost, will they be visible? Because as you know ghosts are invisible beings.

    1. That depends upon many things, and it all depends upon the kind of Mantra Sadhana you are practicing.

    2. Lets say "om shreem vam vam bhum bhuteshwari mam vash kuru kuru swaha" 40 rounds of jaap over a period of 40 days. Then ghost appears on 40th day.

  6. Neelji, When you say "chant it atleast seven times every day" do you mean each of the mantra seven times differently or the treat this entirely as one mantra and chant this whole seven times?


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