Miraculous Beej Mantras for Mental Health

In this post, I have written about the three most simple but most powerful and effective, easy-to-chant Beej Mantras to instantly remove sleeplessness or insomnia, tension or restlessness, and any kind of harmful or negative energy and vibrations.

These Miraculous Beej Mantras start working immediately and are an excellent and adequate substitute for longer Mantras for the same purpose. The description of these Beej Mantras can be found in many reliable Hindu Texts on Mantra Vidya, including some ancient religious scriptures and they can prove to be a boon in this fast-paced life. 

Healing Beej Mantras

1] Beej Mantra to remove Insomnia and sleep soundly at night: If unable to sleep soundly at night for any reason, including sickness or mental problems you can chant the simple and easy to three words Beej Mantra in bed while going to sleep.

|| मं मं मं ||
|| Mam Mam Mam ||

2] Beej Mantra to Instantly remove tension and restlessness: If under pressure from any kind of tension, depression, fear, or phobia and unable to focus properly on your work or domestic and family life you can chant this Mantra for about 5 minutes or son, the results will be experienced instantly and the pressure will disappear.

|| धं ||
|| Dham ||

3] Beej Mantra to Instantly remove Negative Energy: This Beej Mantra will give immediate relief to people experiencing any kind of negativity that is adversely affecting their mind and body and making them behave irrationally. The Mantra can be chanted for about 10 minutes daily.

|| ढं ||
|| Dham ||

In addition to these most powerful physical and mental health-related Beej Mantras, if you are experiencing low strength, stamina, and vitality and lost the zest for life and do not feel enthusiastic about anything, including your love or married life, you can chant the Krishna, Kaam or Akarshan Beej Mantra Kleeem | क्लीं.

This will restore the lost vitality and happiness back into your lives and give you enjoyment and peace.

Notes: I have prepared short videos of these Beej Mantras, which are less than one minute. These YouTube Shorts can be viewed on our channel Prophet666.

1] Raat Ko Shant Neend Aane Ka Chamatkari Beej Mantra

2] Nakaratmak Urja Se Turant Mukti Pane Ka Beej Mantra

3] Tanav Aur Bechaini Se Mukti Pane Ka Chamatkari Beej Mantra

You can also check the section Prophet666.com: Health Mantras for all kinds of Healing Mantras to resolve health problems. 


  1. These Beej mantras belongs to which God also from which scripture they are mentioned


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