How to Use the Power of the Kleem Beej Mantra

Kleem is one of the Most Powerful Standalone Beej Mantra that has the supernatural and divine power of harnessing and unleashing the most potent attraction energy, which can be utilized to cast Voodoo attraction, love, hypnotism, and subjugation spells on a particular desired person or more than one persons at the same time.

Some Important Information about the Kleem Beej Mantra:

Most people think that Kleem / क्लीं is a Beej Mantra that can only increase the Vashikaran Shakti or attraction powers of an individual. These people are ill-informed because Kleem Beej Mantra also has the magical power of attracting immense wealth, prosperity, and all kinds of material luxuries. It also has the supernatural power of annihilating enemies or putting an end to the malefic plans of rivals.

The Kleem Beej Mantra, which is the Krishna, Kaam, or Akarshan Beej Mantra is a standalone vibration that can do everything and hence, it is a part of numerous Mantras, including Vedic, Tantric, and Shabar Mantras because it increases the power and potency of these Mantras. However, it is a very secretive vibration whose real secret has never been fully uncovered by anyone, including the ancient Hindu Religious and Tantric Scriptures.
How to Chant the Kleem Beej Mantra

How to Chant the Kleem Beej Mantra: The motive or purpose for which the Kleem Beej Mantra is being chanted must be crystal clear in the mind of the chanter. For example, if the practitioner is chanting the Mantra to increase his attractiveness he should chant the Mantra with that mindset or if he is chanting the Mantra to create problems for his enemies, he should chant the Mantra with that mindset.

Three Variations of the Kleem Beej Mantra for Increasing Attraction Powers: Even if the practitioner is chanting the Kleem Beej Mantra to gain physical and attraction powers, he should know beforehand what kind of energy he wishes to attract because there are different kinds of vibrations connected to the same energy.

Some example Mantras for increasing Vashikaran Shakti are given below, to make it easy for the practitioner. These Mantras can be chanted by individuals who wish to be attractive, like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, or Kamdeva.

|| क्लीं रामाय नमः ||
|| Kleem Ramaya Namah ||

|| क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः ||
|| Kleem Krishnaya Namah ||

The attractiveness attributed to Shri Krishna is somewhat different from that which is attributed to Shri Ram. Shri Krishna is most commonly identified as the personification of love, romance, and desirability whereas Shri Ram is widely identified as a commanding and magnetic personality. Hence, any one of the two Mantras can be chosen depending on your preference.

For purely increasing seduction powers and appearing appealing and desirable the practitioner can chant the Vashikaran Mantra of the Hindu God of Love Kamdeva.

|| क्लीं कामदेवाय नमः ||
|| Kleem Kamdevaya Namah ||

The Hindi video of the Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Kamdev Jaisa Lubhavana Banane Ka Mantra  

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  1. Lets take for example, If you are trying to control a ghost, how are you going to see the ghost? It will reveal infront of practioner?

  2. Hello, from this mantra can I attract the girls online ?


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