Miraculous Mantra for Happy and Fearless Life

In this post, I have written about an ancient Sloka that can be chanted like a Mantra to remove all fear from the mind, including the fear of death, diseases, enemies, spirits-demons, and any kind of negative and evil vibrations or energies. This Mantra is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from insomnia due to fear.

In these dangerous days of Kaliyuga, the atmosphere is filled with dull, malefic, evil, and harmful vibrations that are continuously bombarding the aura of all beings. These vibrations are one of the main causes of chronic fear, which makes the affected person behave in a mystifying, irrational, and strange manner hence, it is very important to remove the fear from the subconscious mind and lead a happy and fearless life.

I have written about this Mantra some years back and many people have been able to get rid of chronic fear, phobia, and dread of the unknown, especially at night by chanting this Mantra. In this post, I have added some more information about this Mantra based on my experiences to make it more potent and effective. The earlier post about the same Mantra can be seen here: Shri Govind Fear Removal Mantra.

The best way to chant this Mantra:
This Mantra can be chanted just before walking up in the morning or just before going to sleep at night. The practitioner should mentally visualize the cosmic form of Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna and then chant the Mantra.
Mantra for Fearlessness

|| न भयं यमदूतानां न भयं रोगादिकम् न भयं प्रेत राजस्य, गोविन्दे नमो नमः ||
|| Na Bhayam Yamadootaanaam Na Bhayam Rogaadikam Na Bhayam Pret Rajasya, Govinde Namo Namah ||

Chanting this Mantra, just once with confidence is sufficient, and along with it, the practitioner can mentally or verbally chant the One Word Mantra ||Govind || - ||गोविंद || as much as he likes during the day or night. Govinda is one of the Names of Lord Vishnu and Bhagwan Shri Krishna. The Name Mantra can also be chanted whenever the practitioner is in the grip of any kind of known or unknown dread, tension, restlessness, or panic and it is a very potent Miraculous Mantra Chant to instantly remove every fear from the mind.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Mantra to become fearless can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Man Ko Har Bhay Se Mukt Karne Ka Prachin Mantra

Fear Removing Mantras can be seen in the various sections of the site, including the section Prophet666.com: Healing and Disease Removing Mantras.


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