Vashikaran Mantra that can Subjugate Even a King

This subjugation spell, which I have described in this post is said to be so powerful that one authentic and reliable version of the ancient Tantric Scripture The Bhoot Damara Tantra describes it as a spell that can even subjugate a King.

The procedure of practicing this Vashikaran Mantra Experiment has been described by me earlier but since it is believed to be so effective, I have described it again so that anyone desiring to practice this Vashikaran Tilak Mantra Prayog can share their experiences to ascertain the authenticity of this claim made about this subjugation spell.

The practitioner can use this Vashikaran Tilak Upay to cast an attraction or enchantment spell over any desired person, including a spouse, enemy, business rival, enemy, or even his boss, or any powerful and influential person.
Vashikaran Subjugation Spell

|| ॐ क्लीं सः अमुकं में वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
|| Om Kleem Sah Amukam Mem Vasham Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

The procedure for practicing this Vashikaran Mantra Prayog is as follows:

1] The practitioner can practice this Vashikaran Prayog on any day without the need to perform any religious ritual or worship. Specific rules are not applicable for this Vashikaran Spell.

2] The practitioner has to collect the undermentioned ingredients in equal parts:

Raktchandana or Red Sandalwood
Camphor or Kapur

3] He should mix these ingredients in a small quantity of un-boiled cow milk to make a fine paste.

4] Then, keeping this Vashikaran Paste before himself, he should chant the Vashiakran Mantra given in this post 1000 times, and replace the word Amukan with the name of the targeted person. This process infuses the Vashikaran Paste with the potency of the Vashikaran Mantra.

5] Then, the practitioner should apply this Vashikaran Paste upon his forehead as a Vashikaran Tikka or Tilak. According to the Bhoot Damara Tantra, when the practitioner comes in contact with the target, the targeted person will become so fascinated with the practitioner that he will do anything to please him.

6] This Vashikaran Mantra does not have to be Siddh or Mastered. The same procedure should be followed for enchanting other persons and controlling them by following this Vashikaran Tilak Mantra Experiment.

Notes: Even though this is a harmless subjugation spell that will leave no side effects, the practitioner should not misuse it or use it for trivial and meaningless motives.

Vashikaran, Sammohan, Mohini, and other similar attraction and subjugation spells can be seen in various sections of this site, including the Section Attraction Mantras and Experiments.


  1. Can you post procedure to get siddhi over mantras related to, boot, dakini, pisach.

  2. Hi bhootnath sir..I am another regular reader of prophet666 site and neel sir the creator of this site had suggested that readers help out each other.
    Bhootnath sir,just go through the many many articles that is there in prophet666 site and I have seen a few about calling such entities as you had stated but it's just that I don't remember the headings of the articles and so I am not able to post it here so to make it easier for you to refer to.
    Infact there is an article in prophet666 where I remember it's a process of pouring water used for washing at the base of a tree and it can bring about the calling of a spirit.
    There are many articles about the calling of jin's,boots,dakinis and pisach in prophet666 site and you must take your time to go through all the articles in prophet666 site.
    Take care bhootnath sir.
    I am assuming that you are a male and so the 'sir'...

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  4. And also maran mantras, you edited out the siddhi sadhanas. So If I am in danger and I need to use those.

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