Zinda Shah Madar Mohini Mantra to Attract Anyone

In this post, I have written about an ancient Shabar Mohini Mantra that names the very famous and popular Sufi Saint Zinda Shah Madar. However, there is no religious worship or any other Sufi Ritual prescribed for practicing this Mohini Mantra to cast an Attraction Spell on any desired man or woman.

The procedure of practicing the Mohini Mantra Prayog has been described below:

1] The Mohini Mantra Experiment should be started on any day of the Shukla Paksha or the Bright Half of the Hindu Lunar Month.

2] The practitioner has to stand waist-high in the water of any lake, canal, or river and chant the Shabar Mohini Mantra given below 125, 000 times using any kind of counting rosary, including a Rudraksha Jap Mala.
Very Ancient Mohini Mantra

तन मोहुँ, मन मोहुँ | मोहुँ सकल शरीर | ज़िन्दा शाह मदार की मोहिनी मोहुँ | मदद पीर दस्तगीर |

Tan Mohum, Man Mohum | Mohum Sakal Sharir | Zinda Shah Madaar Ki Mohini Mohum | Madad Peer Dastagir |

2] The practitioner has to complete the 125. 000 Mantra Chants in 14 days by chanting the Mohini Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants per day. This will give the practitioner Siddhi over the Mohini Mantra. The practitioner can wear clothes on the bottom half of his body while practicing the Siddhi Sadhana. 

The procedure of using the Mohini Mantra to attract any man or woman:

1] The practitioner has to take a pinch of dust in his right hand and chant the Shabar Mohini Mantra 7 times with concentration and then secretly throw that Mohini Mantra Infused Dust on the body of the targeted man or woman.

2] If that is not possible or if the practitioner is unsuccessful in throwing the dust on the body of the desired person, then he has to somehow keep the dust in the hand of the desired person.

3] The practitioner has to face the West Direction while throwing the dust on the body of the targeted person or keeping it in the hand of the targeted person.

4] According to the Shabar Mohini Tantra, this Mantra Experiment will cast an unbreakable Voodoo Love Spell on the Targeted person and enable the practitioner to control the mind and body of that person.


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