Rare and Fast Working Mohini Mantra-Yantra

In this post, I have described a rare Mohini Yantra that makes the use of a Strong Akarshan Beej Mantra for quickly charming and fascinating any sought-after man or woman for the motive of romance or marriage with that wished-for person.

This is a fast working Mohini Mantra Yantra Prayog that does not need to be Siddh or Mastered to utilize its supernatural Vashikaran Shakti or attraction powers to captivate the undivided attention of that targeted person.

This is a rare and uncommon Mohini Mantra Experiment that has been described in a little known text on Mantra Vidhya. This Mohini Mantra-Yantra Experiment can be practiced easily without much effort because the procedure is simple and uncomplicated.

The Vidhi of practicing this Mohini Mantra-Yantra Prayog has been described below:

1] The Mantra-Yantra Prayog can be practiced on any day without the need to perform any religious ritual or chant any prayer.

2] The practitioner should draw the Numerical Mohini Yantra shown in the image on a white piece of paper using any kind of ink or pen. There is no Chaal or special sequence prescribed for writing the numbers contained in the Mohini Yantra. The numbers can also be written in Hindi or any other language.

Mohini Mantra to Charm Anyone

3] Then, the practitioner should insert the Mohini Yantra in a Tabeez or Metal Locket and wear it around his neck or simply fold it and keep it in his wallet or pocket.

4] After this, he should chant the Mohini Mantra given below 11 times. The word – देवदत्तं / Devdattam in the Mantra must be replaced with the name of the targeted man or woman.

ॐ श्रीं देवदत्तं में वशं कुरू श्रीं क्षः ||

Om Shreem Devdattam Me Vasham Kuru Shreem Kshah ||

5] The practitioner should chant the Mohni Mantra 11 times daily for at least 7 days continuously. While chanting the Mohini Mantra, the Mohini Yantra should be on the body of the practitioner. 

Notes: For getting instant success in the Mohini Mantra Yantra Experiment, the practitioner and the targeted man or woman should be well acquainted with each other, the Mantra Prayog will not work on total strangers. The practitioner should practice the Mohini Prayog with intensity, confidence and will power.

After the 7 days of the Mohini Mantra-Yantra Experiment, the Mohini Yantra can be immersed in flowing water.


  1. hello sir....i want suggestion for my marital issues as there are many clashes between me and my husband since he is very aggressive and arrogant towards me.

  2. Will this mantra work on the ex we are not talking to each other since 4 months


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