Mantra to Find Supreme Happiness and Joy

In this post, I have written about a simple but very potent three words Beej Mantra to find that elusive state of happiness, bliss, and peace, which you have been trying to find everywhere. This simple Beej Mantra also can transform your life and enable you to evolve to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

This Secret Beej Mantra combination has been derived from a reliable ancient Hindu Religious Scripture and it can be considered to be an authentic Mantra for elevating your existence by experiencing supreme or ultimate happiness.

The Mantra is useful for everyone, including students, householders, business persons, scientists, and employed persons. The Mantra will remove all sadness, depression, tensions, fears, and dissatisfaction from the mind and replace them with positive energy and making it fresh, vibrant, and make it function to its full potential.

The Mantra is also most beneficial for spiritualists and those seekers who are striving to gain paranormal powers and success in awakening their Kundalini Shakti because to get success in these Sadhanas, the mind should be calm, stress-free, and peaceful.

The Procedure of practicing this Mantra Meditation: 1] There are no special rules attached to this Beej Mantra and it can be dedicated to the Brahmand or the Universe and the Mantra Chanting can be started on any day.

2] The practitioner should sit down comfortably and chant the Mantra mentally or verbally. The Power of the Mantra will be fully activated on the completion of 125, 000 Mantra Chants.
Mantra to Find Elusive Happiness and Joy

|| ऐं सः नमः ||
|| Aim Sah Namah ||

3] The practitioner can complete this Mantra Sadhana by chanting the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants daily and completing the Sadhana in a predetermined period. However, if desired he can even continue the Mantra Meditation after the completion of the specified number of Mantra Chants.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Mantra for Finding Ultimate Happiness and Joy can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Param Sukh Aur Shanti Pane Ka Mantra


  1. Pranaam Guruji, if we practice this sadhana by chanting in a fixed number daily, then do we have to keep our back straight when practicing the mantra chanting ? Sorry, i'm quite new to this.

    1. There is no need, chant the Mantra in any comfortable position without any kind of stress.

    2. sir some evil actors attacking me in i practed 3rd eye sadana...give me remedy

    3. Thank you Guruji for replying


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