Magical Yantra to Make Enemy Suffer with Fever

In this post, I have written about a magical Hindu Yantra Experiment to make an enemy sick and suffer from fever to prevent him from troubling the practitioner. The good part about this Yantra Experiment is that it can be reversed by removing the fever and making the enemy hale and hearty once again.

However, extreme caution is advised if you wish to practice this paranormal experiment either as a preemptive measure to prevent an enemy from troubling you or if he is troubling, then, to stop him from doing so. The Yantra Experiment should be used as a last-ditch measure when there are very few options left and it should never be used for minor problems or just to see what happens. 

The method of practicing this Yantra Prayog: 1] The Yantra Experiment can be practiced on any day without worship. However, the experiment should be practiced in a calm and composed manner without any kind of mental stress.

2] The practitioner should take a Broken Piece of a New Clay Pot or Utensil or Mitti Ke Naye Matke Ka Bartan Ka Tukda in Hindi and write the Yantra shown in the example image on it using a black ink pen. The Name of the Enemy should be written in the middle of the Yantra in place of the word “Name” I have written the numbers in English, they can also be written in Hindi or any other language.

Yantra to make enemies suffer with fever

3] Then, he should put the Yantra in the fire to make the enemy sick with fever. If he removes the Yantra from the fire, the enemy will be cured of fever when the Yantra cools down.

I had written about a Mantra Experiment for the same purpose a few years back, however, this Yantra Experiment is far more straightforward and uncomplicated and this is the reason why I have written about it. That post can be seen here at Mantra to Make Enemies Sick with Fever.

Notes: This article has only been written to give knowledge of unknown Indian supernatural rituals and ancient paranormal remedies and not to induce or influence any person to practice them for any purpose or motive.

You can see the Sections Yantras and Mantras and Paranormal Remedies for Enemy Problems for similar remedies.

The Hindi video of this Shatru Nashak Upay can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Shatru Ko Bukhar Chadhane Ka Yantra Upay 


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