The best joke I have heard is that god has made man in his own image, this means that god has all the weaknesses of man, like man if god falls down he also will fracture his limbs, like man god will also lust after material things like money, power, women etc. All this has been fed to man from ancient times and sadly this is blindly believed by almost everyone including scientists, educationists and other so called intelligent beings.

So then you will ask me what is man and what is god, if you have read my earlier posts you will know what I mean, however I will again explain that man is but a particle of the total energy which you can call god this total energy is in a state of continuous state of evolution which means that all the components of this energy which includes man are also in a state of continuous evolution.

Evolution of Man in Stages
Evolution of Man
MAN IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT BUT JUST ONE STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF THE ENERGY CALLED MAN, this anyone can analyze if he looks at the known and scientifically proven history of human beings, how man evolved from the early stages of a cave man to the present stage which we live in today.

Now without going into technical or scientific terms like the theory of evolution let us see how man has evolved to his present state, every new invention beginning from the caveman rubbing two stones to light a fire till the inventions of the present stage are nothing but a continuous state of evolution. Let us study but a few examples in the human evolution of modern times the only will you understand what I mean. Man from time immemorial looked at the birds flying freely in the air he also wished to fly like them so he invented the aeroplane, man always wanted to view thing and places far of so he invented the television, man wished to speak to his Friends in far of places so he invented the telephone, man wanted a substitute do his work so he invented the computer and so on.

All the inventions which man has invented are but an extension of his self, man has always desired those things which were his inner most desires what seemed unreal a few years back has become realty today. So now what next you will ask. Let me tell you look at your innermost desire and what you aspire to be ,listen your aspirations are going to be real tomorrow, someone or the other in this collective energy is or will be working on them.

So from here to where you will ask this question has an infinite number of possibilities and the so also the extent of mans evolution is unlimited, the THING WHICH WE LIVE INSIDE AND WHICH LIVES INSIDE has unlimited potential.


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