Aghor Panth Kali Mata Mantra Sadhana

Sadhus of the Aghor Panth practice the Shabar Kali Mantra Sadhana, which, I have described in this post.  The followers of the Aghor Sect follow the same basic beliefs of the Hindu religion but the Marg or path they follow towards gaining Mukti [liberation] differs significantly from the Marg followed by the traditional Hindu Spiritualists,  Sadhus and Yogis.

Like the traditional Hindu Sadhu, the Aghor Panth Sadhu strives to subdue and overcome the Maya Jal [web of illusion] of the senses but using unconventional methods, which appear fearsome hence such a Sadhu is termed as an Aghori Sadhu. Some Aghori Sadhus frequent graveyards and consume wine, raw flesh, have sex with corpses and even consume human feces in order to overcome the senses.

This Kali Mata Mantra Prayoga is performed at night on the riverbanks, which are situated in a Smashan Bhoomi [Hindu Cremation Grounds or Burning Ghat]. The Sadhaka offers a Bhog of Flesh, Wine and a Ball of Wheat Dough [Gehun Ke Aate Ka Gola] to Kali Mata and after worshiping Kali Mata immerses it in the flowing waters of the river. He then keeps chanting the Kali Mata Mantra given below throughout the night.

Kali Mantra of Aghor Panth Sadhus
Aghor Panth Kali Mata Mantra 

The entire Kali Mantra Experiment is performed continuously for 21 nights in a row. This Mantra Sadhana is also known as the Kadak Kali or Rodaka Kalika Mantra Prayoga. This Kali Sadhana is said to seek the blessings of Kali Mata and fulfill whatever wish he wants to be fulfilled.

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  1. Respective Neel garu namaste,

    I have been very interested in your site for 3 years. I have a doubt can I practice these mantras without any teaching?
    If yes please tell me which type of mantras are not harmful to practitioners in your site.
    please sir give us replay. If possible give replay to us in Telugu.But anyhow please give replay to us.Please sir.
    Thanking you,

  2. Neel sir Please Write me How many times The Sadhaa should recite The Given Mantra.

    1. There is no exact number, the post says that the Mantra has to be chanted through out the night on all the 21 days of the Mantra Sadhana.


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