Gyarah Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

The eleven faced or the Gyarah Mukhi Rudraksha is said to represent the Eka Dasa Rudra. The Eka Dasa Rudras are the eleven manifestations of Shiva - Mahadeva, Shiva, Maha Rudra, Shankara, Neelalohita, Eshana Rudra, Vijaya Rudra, Bheema Rudra, Devadeva, Bhavodbhava and Adityatmaka Srirudra.

In the Skanda Purana Shiva has said that the benefits arising out of wearing this Rudraksha equals that of offering 1000 Ashvamedha Yagnyas, the Vajpeya Yagna and the fruits of offering charity during the Lunar Eclipse. The wearer of this Rudraksha gains all-round happiness, wealth and respect. This is a very important Rudraksha for women as it protects their husbands, the husbands gain a long life and the women gets a happy and prosperous married life and pass away as’ Soubhagyawati’s [ passing away before the husband is considered auspicious in Hinduism ].

It is also said that wearing this Rudraksha around one’s neck and chanting the under mentioned mantra removes all kinds of obstacles. It is also said in the Upanishad’s that the woman who wears this Rudraksha while reciting this mantra is granted the boon of having a child.

Om Hreem Hum Havan Nandnaya Swaha ll
ॐ ह्रीं हं हवन नन्दनाय स्वाहा ll

This is the particular Mantras which is recited while wearing this Rudraksha for the first time –

Om Rum Mum Yum Aum ll
ॐ रूं मूं यूं ओं ll

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  1. 2 more benefits I would like to add for readers - one would get the benefits of performing 100 vaajpeya yagna and doing dan of 1 lac gold worn cows


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