Mantra for Very serious diseases

This is the Mrityu Haari Vidya Mantra; the Mantra to defeat death!  Such ancient Sanskrit Mantras were mastered by the Sages of ancient India; the ones who had gained immense spiritual powers. Such beings had even mastered the knowledge of defeating death. This Mantra given here is one such Mantra; which was used to treat seriously ill people; even those on the verge of death.

This Mantra is mastered by chanting it 31,000 times. The Sadhaka is advised to divide this number and chant a fixed number of chants every day. However the number of chants per day should not come below the 1 Mala mark. Any kind of counting rosary can be used; however a Tulsi Seeds Mala or Spathik Mala is preferable.

Then to perform this Sadhana on a seriously sick person; the Sadhaka has to take some water in a small utensil and dip some Kusha Grass; also called Darbha and Desmostachya bipinnata in English; in the water and sprinkle some water on the body of the sick person. This has to be done while chanting the Mantra, all the while.

Some water can also be infused with the Mantra, by holding the water container in the right hand and chanting the Mantra. This water is given to the sick person to drink; that is if he is in a physical condition to drink the water.
A Hindu healing mantra to heal the dying
Mantra for Very serious diseases

The Mantra can be used for treating all disease; no matter how serious; including those poisoned or suffering from any kind of poisonous intake.

However I must add that only the highly advanced Sadhaka will gain mastery over this mantra.

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  1. Respected sir ,
    Can the patient do it himself can u please tell me how to do it as i want it to do it for myself what is the VIDHI for doing this sadhna
    thank so much for all you post

    1. Yes you can try this Mantra Sadhana upon yourself; the Vidhi is the same as above; sprinkle the water or drink it your self.

  2. Respected Sir,

    Can you give us the english version also so that it can be pronounced correctly.

    Thanks and regards

    Vineet Garg

  3. Namaste Please can you write in english??? Thank you very much<3

  4. My one year baby is suffering a very serious disease.
    Dr is saying only chamatkar can do anything.
    Please suggest what and which mantra can help me to come out and how?

    1. I can only suggest rest is in the hands of Shiva; try this Mantra

  5. Namaste Guruji, can this mantra be used for curing night emission. As I have tried medicine as well as yantra then too I'm facing tis problem. Please guide me respected Guriji. Seeing my condition I have come to conclusion that there is no solution to this problem. Since no medicine has worked including the charm. I'm daily getting depressed and cry while sleeping as I'm unable to lead a life like all other people. Please reply Guruji

    1. You can certainly try this Mantra Prayog as it is said to work for all serious diseases.

  6. Namaste,...will it be possible to have this mantra in English alphabet? much thanks

    1. om yam am aam im eem um oom rim reem lrim lreem em aim om aum amg ahh
      amritbhari swaahaa

  7. Gurji I just found out my girlfriend has an enlarged heart but she's in a different country , can I chant this ? Still , or what do you recommend , I really want to help her ... !! Please help me

    1. As you want to heal her remotely, you can chant this Shiva Healing Mantra

  8. Pranam Guru Ji, is it possible to attach video of this chant in YouTube, so it will be easy to pronounce.


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