Kamdev Yantra – Mantra Sadhana

Of all the living beings in this world of ours, the human is the one who is the lover of physical beauty. Be it the young man who wants a beautiful wife or the young girl looking for the tall, dark and handsome man; everyone is attracted towards beauty. After studding for quite a while I have come across a real potent Kamdev Yantra – Mantra Sadhana; for lovers of beauty. The Yantra is said to be a miraculous one; made by Shiva himself.

TheYantra  is made using the of the paste of Kumkum, Kasturi, Rakt Chandana and Gorochana. These 4 ingredients are mixed together in a little bit of water to make the paste. Then the Yantra has to be drawn on a Bhojpatra, using a pointed stick of the Jasmine Plant. The place in the middle has to be replaced by the name of the Woman or Man the Sadhak is seeking to attract.

 कामदेव वशीकरण यन्त्र -मंत्र प्रयोग इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Kamdev Vashikaran Yantra-Mantra Prayog in Hindi and English

A Yantra of the God of love Kamdev
Kamdev Yantra

The Murti of Kamdev has to be made using Clay or Multani Mutti. The Sadhak can prepare an idol with a human likeliness and worship it as Kamdev. Then the prepared Yaantra has to be affixed in the place where the Heart of the idol is supposed to be.

A Vishnu Mantra which invokes Kamdev
Kamdev Mantra

After doing all of the above;  in the Evening; preferably at dusk time the Sadhak has to worship the Yantra affixed Murti with offerings of Dhoop, Deep, Flowers and Sweets as Prasad. Then the Vishnu Kamdev Mantra, which in itself is a most powerful Kamdev Mantra, has to be chanted 108 times.

If it is the will of Vishnu, you will be successful in attracting the beautiful partner of the opposite sex you are so desperately seeking.

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  1. Dear Neel Sir,
    This mantra is useful to seek only beautiful or any person we wish of the opposite sex?Because Beauty is in the heart not the face.

  2. Sir please provide some mantras of tara devi

  3. provide mantra of sundarta devi

  4. sir i am a vegetarian i heard that gorochana is animal part of the cow, is it possible that i not use gorochan for the purposes

  5. Have we got to do the chanting daily or only once?

    Also, if gorochan is an animal part, is it an aghori prayog or a pure one?

  6. To both of your;yes it is a Aghori Sadhana; the Vashikaran Mantra has to be chanted only once while energizing the Yantra.

  7. last question:

    after doing everything, what should we do with the idol?

    1. The Yantra is affixed to the idol; it must be kept in a clean place.
      If at any time you wish to stop the Sadhana completely the you have to immerse the idol along with the Yantra in water.

  8. Dear Guru,
    I am so glad to see u & get u in my needed time. I am from Bangladesh.
    I want the help fully free from u.
    I want someone with face to face vashikaran that she comes to me boundly.
    Do u have the processing so give me the solution.

    Jai ho...

  9. Hi Neel, Can it be used for pure purpose? not just for Aakarshan and Vashikaran... but for true pure love resulting in marriage.
    If the procedure is followed , then should we keep the idol affixed with Yantra until that kind of person comes in life, and then do Visarjan or do the visrjan straight after finishing it?(as it is one time sadhna)...

    Hope you can clarify this little doubt. Best. Thanks.

    1. Sure, the Mantra can be used for pure purposes with marriage as the end goal.
      You should keep the Kamdev Murti until you get success and afterwords do the Visarjan.

  10. Hi Neel, Hope you are well. So, I have some queries on the above after I started the sadhna.
    1) I followed the procedure and all on New year day- it was Monday and n new year. So, I thought it would be good. Got periods next day so, basically newly made murti was not worshipped for five days. Is that okay or I need to do the whole procedure again?

    2) So, after that till now:-... I missed to do pooja on one evening.. Does it mean that will be a problem? What I should do?

    3) I need to travel soon. So, basically when I need to travel for shorter period -Do I have to carry murti with me? Or is it okay if I leave in home temple? I don't mind carrying but just it case if it breaks or something in transit. so,bit concerned. (of course,for longer period over more than week or two weeks - I will try my best to take it)

    Hope you can help me out with above things.. Thanks in advance... Lots of Love. Best.

    1. It does not matter if you got periods and discontinued for 5 five days.
      As to the other 2 points unavoidable/unintentional mistakes are excused.
      There is no need to take the Murti and perform the Sadhana while travelling.
      The most important thing is the intensity and faith with which a Sadhana is performed.

  11. hi Neel, I am late in thanking you for your reply. I just didn't get email notification once my comment was attended. Sorry for late acknowledgement. and Thanks for clearing above queries. Best.

  12. I tried chanting the Kamdev Mantra given here separately without the Yantra and it worked, opposite sex people were attracted. Can you please provide the source of this mantra, like book name?


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