Very Potent Mantra for Success in Anything

In this post, I have described a very potent and efficient Success Mantra originating from Jainism that gives instant success in anything, including, legal and court matters, money matters, marriage proposals, and love affairs. The Mantra also acts as a most powerful Vashikaran or Attraction Mantra. 

The Method of Gaining Siddhi over this Success Mantra: The chanting of this Jain Mantra should be started on any auspicious Muhurat, Tithi, Jyotish Yog, Subh Nakshatra, or on the day of any Hindu Festival.

The practitioner should bathe and wear clean white clothes sit down on a white-colored sitting mat facing the North Direction and chant the Jain Success Mantra given below 15, 000 times in 11 days. This can be done by chanting the Mantra a specific number of times daily. For example, 13 rosaries daily for 10 days come to 14040 Mantra Chants, and the balance of 960 Mantra Chants on the 11th day to complete the 15000 Mantra Chants in 11 days.

Jain Success Mantra

|| ॐ ह्रीं अम्बराय कित्तिय वंदिय महिया, जे ए लोगस्स उत्तमा सिद्धा |आरुग्ग बोहि लाभं समाहिवरमुत्तमं दिंतु स्वाहा ||
|| Om Hreem Ambaraaya Kittiya Vamdiya Mahiyaa, Je A Logassa Uttama Siddha | Aarugga Bohi Laabham Samaahivaramuttamam Dintu Swaha ||

Some Points to Remember: This is a Satvik Mantra or a White Magic Spell for success in anything; hence, the practitioner should consume non-spicy veg food and avoid drinks and snacks. He should control his behavior not talk ill about others and maintain celibacy throughout the 11 days of Siddhi Sadhana.

The Method of Using the Power of the Mantra to Gain Success: The practitioner should chant the Mantra 21 times before leaving his home or office for any important work and then observe from which nostril he is breathing. Then, he must step out from the place using the foot from the side of the nose which he is breathing.

For example, if he is breathing from the left nostril, he should step out with the left foot. This gives him the desired success in the work or task for which he is going and all persons connected to that matter will instantly come under his most powerful voodoo spell of attraction.

This is a very effective Jain Tantra for Success and hence its power should be used for important work and not every now and then for trivial and insignificant matters because doing so will reduce the power and potency of this Jain White Magic Mantra Spell for Success.

Note: Success Mantras can be seen in the various sections of this site. Jain Mantras and Yantras can be seen in the section Jain Mantras and Tantra.


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