Gorochan Tilak Vashikaran Mantra

In this post, I have written about a rare and secret Siddha Gorochana Infusing Mantra, using, which many different paranormal experiments, including those related to Vashikaran, Sammohan, Stambhan and Vidya Prapti can be practiced. In the post below, I have described 7 easy to practice paranormal experiments using Gorochana.

Success in these experiments, which are contained in the Gorochan Tantra will only be possible if you have original Gorochan in your possession.

The Mantra given below is a Siddha Mantra and need not be Mastered. The Gorochan should be infused 21 times with this Mantra and then a Tilak of the Gorochana Paste should be applied on selected body parts for getting success in the diverse paranormal experiments described below.

गोरोचन तिलक मंत्र प्रयोग इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Gorochan Vashikaran Mantra Experiment in Hindi and English

ॐ ह्रीं हन हन हन ॐ ह्रीं दहे दहे ॐ ह्रीं हन  हनां ॐ हन हन ॐ ह्रीं हः हः स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Han Han Han Om Hreem Dahe Dahe Om Hreem Han Hanaam Om Han Han Om Hreem Hah Hah Swaha ||

1] Applying the Tilak upon the forehead will ensure a strong Vashikaran Spell in the Raj Darbar, meaning any government office, court or legal authority. The practitioner will win and triumph over his opponents, rivals or enemies in any sort of debate or arguments and get success in legal and government matters.

2] Applying the Tilak upon the heart will make any desired man or woman come under a most powerful Vashikaran love spell and become enchanted and fascinated with the practitioner and act as per the whims and fancies of the practitioner.

3] Application of the Tilak on the thumb will enhance the brain and thinking powers of the practitioner and make him grasp and retain all kinds of knowledge, including spiritual or religious knowledge and make him a scholarly and learned person.

4] Application of the Tilak on the tongue will turn the practitioner into a skilled poet and master of oratory.

5] Applying the Tilak on the upper-arm will make fierce predators like tigers, lions and leopards come under a hypnotic spell and pose no danger to the practitioner and leave him alone.

6] Application of the Tilak on the neck will makes snakes and other dangerous reptiles come under a hypnotic spell and prevent them from harming the practitioner.

7] Applying the Tilak on the legs will cast a hypnotic spell upon thieves, robbers and other miscreants and stop them from troubling the practitioner.


  1. Neel Sir Thank u

    3. Right thumb or left?

  2. Lefty or righty
    For lefty right hemispherical brain is active and for righty left hemispherical brain is active

  3. Where will I get the real gorochan. Do people fraud in selling it..

    1. आपको असली गोरोचन मेरे पास मिलेगा शुद्ध मै भारत के हर state मे भेज चूका हु कोरियर से 7974805331

  4. I have had a good experience with genuine products from this seller from Ebay -


  5. I want to try this prayog. Is this a safe (satvik mantra?) Or is this an mantra from the Indrajal or something?

    Can you set up the tilak every day? And if you have a shower, will the tilak lose its operation? and for how many days does it work?

    Is it suitable for the ordinary man?

    Thanks a lot!

  6. What to do if the tilak goes away, for example, by sporting, sweating, rain, shower etc.? And can you infuse a whole bottle of gorochan in 1 time? and plz tell me de correct way to infuse the gorochan? Thank you sir!

  7. Plz make a video of this one, because the prayog is not clear. How to infuse the gorochan? Can make a small batch?


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