Love Spell to Bind any Desired Woman

Vashikaran Spells to fascinate and enchant any wished for man or woman for any kind of motive or purpose are performed using a vast and diverse range of items, which are either infused or invoked by secret Tantric practices. In this, post, I have described a stand-alone Voodoo Love Spell that invokes a cotton tree to cast a most powerful Love Spell to bind any pined for woman.

The Vashikaran Spell should be conducted on any of the specific dates or periods mentioned below.

1] The Magha Month as per the Hindu Almanac, which normally occurs during the period of the first two months of the year as per the Western Almanac. The full month is considered to be auspicious for casting this Vashikaran Spell successfully.
2] Any Wednesday.
3] Ashtimi Tithi of both the Bright or Dark Fortnight of any Hindu Month.
4] The specific period of the Pushya Nakshatra or the Detla Cancri Constellation, as per the Hindu Almanac.

On the selected day, the practitioner has to get up early in the morning and have a bath and wear fresh clothes and go to the place where a Cotton Tree[Kapas Ka Ped] is growing.

There, he has to stick a Supari [whole unbroken Betel Nut] and a One Rupee Coin, on the trunk of the Cotton Tree. The Vashikaran Tantra mentioned One Paisa, however, since,  it is out of circulation for a long time, it can be replaced by a One Rupee Coin. People belonging to other countries can use a coin of the lowest denomination belonging to their countries.

Then, the practitioner has to come back to the Cotton Tree on the morning of the next day and break a tiny new branch from the Cotton Tree and go back to his house.

The, Vashikaran Tantra says that if the practitioner succeeds in making the wished for woman hold that Cotton Tree branch in her hand, the Love Spell is cast and that woman becomes enchanted with the practitioner and fall in love with him.

Note- The Tantra mentions that this Love Spell should only be used for noble purposes and not to deceive, cheat or harm any woman otherwise it will rebound back on the practitioner.


  1. Guruji, is there something little less complicated but powerful mantra or yantra or tantra to make a girl fall in love with you?

  2. After reading your blog I think you have good information about love spell. I would like to share this information with my friends who need this. Thanks for this blog powerful love spell caster


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