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In this post, I would like to inform all our readers and subscribers that “Feedburner” which was the service that delivered all the posts published on our site to you in your mail will be going into maintenance mode from the beginning of July 2021 and hence subscribers will be unable to get our site feeds delivered by Feedburner.

The good news is that we have migrated all our existing subscribers to and hence all our subscribers will keep on getting our newsletters in their mail. Hence, when you see a newsletter from, our new subscription service on behalf of “Prophet666”, please do not be surprised.

In case you do not get your newsletter, kindly use the Subscription Box which has been placed in the sidebar, and enter your email to follow our site and get subscriptions by mail.

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Regarding comments: Sometimes due to time constraints it becomes difficult for me to reply to some comments for a few days. Hence, I request some of our learned readers and Sadhaks to replies to unanswered questions posted by some readers.

Regarding the absence of some of our learned readers: I have received emails about the absence of some of our learned readers from concerned subscribers. I hope they are hale and hearty and have not been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. We all hope to get positive news soon from these long-time readers.

I would like to assure all our readers and subscribers that we will continue posting interesting information on this site and also on our YouTube Channel - Prophet666 even during these very difficult times of the Pandemic.


  1. Hi sir, please help us _/\_ daughter in law problem in house, doesn't talk to us other than husband, hates us , quarrels, uses abusive languages, son won't listen to our words(rarely speaks to us) , he listens to her,
    Food also she prepares in limited quantity only for her and husband and eats without cooking for us, we have to cook (old people) and eat after her :'(

    Please help _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

    1. You can try meditating on the Mool Mantra of your Isht Devta or if you do not have one then chant - Shri Gurudev Datta

  2. Neelji and other Sadhaks, please give me information of this mantra: OM AIM HRIM KRIMM VIJAY SUNDER PURSHA|| OM KLAM VIJAY ATI SHIGER PURASH.

    How to use it and how to pronounce ?
    And wich mantra is the best to controle someone complete?

    1. It appears on the net as a Vashikaran Mantra to control a boyfriend. However, I am not sure if the Mantra is authentic because I have never seen it in any reliable Vashikaran Text.

  3. Hi madam saroja..I am just another avid reader of prophet666 site.i really do hope and pray that Neel sir can guide you.
    But madam,please approach the law or the police first but before that,please make sure that you can secretly record all the things that your daughter in law is doing to you and your husband.hopefully you have a smart phone that can record things clearly,because if you approach the police with evidence,then there would be solid proff about things.
    However you can still go to the police,even if you don't have such recorded might have your own fears about going to the police but that's the best to do madam or ask all your relatives to come over to the house and tell them all,while your daughter in law and son is there,it can help too.
    I really do hope that all would be okay for you and your husband.take care madam.

  4. Further madam.i forgot to say do possess good english and I am quite sure that you would be someone who would know about things to do,in any situation.the irony is that,many don't know what to do when facing disturbing situations.hope you would do the necessary things madam saroja,to counter the problems given by your daughter in law.


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