Mrityunjay Mantra and Hanuman Sahasranaamavali Prayog

Following is a a joint Sadhana which combines the 3 letter Mrityunjay Mantra and the Hanuman Sahasranaamavali.

This Mantra Prayog is quite similar to the post "Hanuman Sadhana to achieve anything in the world". This Prayog is tried and tested and it shows quick results. - Ashok Mehta

1. Mantra Prayog should be started from a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.
2. Begin this Sadhana in the morning. First go to a temple and worship Hanuman by offering Red Cloth, Chola and Sesame Oil Diya.
Worship Shiva by offering Chandan Paste, Honey, Black Sesame Seeds, Unbroken Rice, Bilva Patra, Raw Milk and Water.
Take their blessings and then come back home.
3. At your home, sit on a Red Coth Aasan facing the North or North East.
4. First, keep a Red Chowki in front of you and keep a Hanuman idol on it. Apply Sindur Tilak on the idol and then on yourself.
5. In front of the idol, keep a Shiv Yantra and Shri Rama Yantra and apply Chandan Tilak on them.
6. Do Guru Puja, Ganesh Puja, Shiv Puja, Sita-Rama Puja and Hanuman Puja.
Do Panchopchar Puja of the idol and the Yantras as follows -
A. Diya- Use Sesame Oil Diya.
B. Dhoop- offer a Dhoop of Guggul.
C. Flowers- offer yellow flowers to all the Yantras.
D. Then, offer unbroken rice.
E. Then offer Gandh by chanting Gandh Samarpan Mantra of the respective God. Gandh means a paste of Sandalwood Powder and Gangajal. This paste should be applied on the neck  and shoulder of the idol and on the 4 corners of the Yantras.
7. Chant one rosary of ॐ नमः शिवाय  and  रां रामाय नमः and the Hanuman Kavach once.
8. Then, take a Sankalp for your wishes.
9. Take a yellow flower in your hand, make Anjali Mudra and recite the following Shlok once and offer the flower to the idol:
।। मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगं जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठं
वातात्मजं वानारयूथ मुख्यं श्रीरामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये ।।
10. Recite the Hanuman 1000 names in the following way:
1. ॐ ह्रौं जूं सः first name सः जूं ह्रौं ॐ
2. ॐ ह्रौं जूं सः second name सः जूं ह्रौं ॐ
3. ॐ ह्रौं जूं सः third name सः जूं ह्रौं ॐ
And so on. Do this for all 1000 names.
11.After the Japa recite a Hanuman Kavach again.
12. Do Mantra Pushpanjali
13. Do Aarti and then Mantra Pushpanjali of the Aarti and then ask god for forgiveness for any mistake done during the Japa.

All the above steps from 2 to 13 have to be repeated daily and the Samputit Namavali should be recited thrice daily.
The Prayog is of 48 days.
The Prayog shared by me will cure impossible diseases, increase wealth, health and strength.
It will remove enemies completely and give you success in all endeavors. It will bring blessings of both Hanuman and Shiva and definitely fulfill all wishes.


  1. Didn't exactly get the 10th point of this artcile. It says recite the Hanuman 1000 names. I have never heard of 1000 names of hanuman. Where to find it? Or, i misunderstood this point. Please clarify.

    1. Its Hanuman's 1000 name, Hanuman sahasranamsvali. Available in book stalls & on internet too. Apps are also available on play store.
      Ashokji has explained it earlier

  2. Should we daily go to Hanuman and Shiva temple ,and should we daily offer red cloth,chola sesame oil Diya to temple,
    Or can we offer it to Hanuman idol in our home,
    And can I try by just chanting sahasranamavali with mruthyunjaya mantra above as a prayog,
    Kindly reply sir,
    Thanks in advance

    1. We must go to temple daily. You need to compulsorily offer the said things on the first day. offering on other days is up to you

  3. Namaste sir ,I have another question,
    Should we add both Om and namaha to Hanuman name for ex
    1st name is hanumate
    Should we chant as'om hroum jum sah Om hanumate namaha sah jum hroum om'
    Or 'Om hroum jum sah hanumate sah jum hroum om'
    Please reply sir

    1. You must add om and namah at the respective places

  4. Sir can we take sankalp as asking Shiva or hanuman to give swapn darshan and solve problems
    Kindly reply sir

  5. Dear Ashok Sir,
    As I promised Ill share this rare Hanuman Mantra with you.This Hanuman Mantra to Win in Wrestling has been taken from the Ravan Samhita.This mantra makes use of both Lord Hanuman as well as Lord Narasimha.
    - by Chetanya Mundachali

    Om Namo adesh kamaru kamaksha devi ang paharu bhujanga paharu lohe sharer aavat hath todun panv todu sahay hanumant veer uth ab narsingh veer tero solah soo shringar meri peeth lage nahi too veer hanumant lajane tu lehu puja pan supari nariyal sindur apani dehu sabal mohi par dehu bhakti guru ki shakti furo mantra eishwari vacha.

    One should start reciting by Tuesday,wearing a red ‘’Langot’’ and make a square geru,place an idol of Lord Hanumanji,offer laddoo.Recite 108 times for 40 days.he will win in wrestling as well as other combat sports such as Karate,judo,kungfu,military training etc.

  6. Mein navratri mein fast kar raha hoon. Lekin mein ne upas dusre din chod diya. Iska parinam kya honga kyunki mein ek saal se jobless hoon. Iss se pehle mein navratri ka upas poore 9 din karta tha sirf ek apple aur chai pita tha. Lekin iss bhar mein upas thod diya. Please guide me. My age 33

    1. Your fast has been khandit. There is no way out of it. However, if you want you can still fast on other days. Drinking tea is not allowed in fast as it is an addictive substance

  7. Namaste Ashok sir, I hve two queries for you. A humble request to you please answer to these . first one can we draw shiv and RAM yantra on bhoj patra and do pran prathistha and use for this above said proyag. Second one is if suppose I m doing any Pooja or sadhana in between if my family ask Ms to cook egg for them and if I cooked also then my Pooja and proyag will be khandit.please answer to this ... Here egg means only egg no flesh.

  8. Ashok ji , can you post the article for Purushcharan Method of the 3 letter mrityunjay mantra ?
    I have heard its purushcharan develops the inner capacities of a sadhak and makes him eligible for Advanced Sadhanas of DUSH MAHAVIDYAS


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