How to do a Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

In this part on information on Hindu Mantra Vidya, I will share the very important knowledge on how to do a Mantra Sadhana. Please understand properly that the procedure I am sharing here is for a Mantra Siddhi Sadhana and Purushcharan and not for Mantra Prayog. Mantra Prayog and Mantra Sadhana are two different things. - Ashok Mehta

First I will talk about Mantras that don't need Diksha. These are Mantras which have special importance in our religion.
They include:
1. Mantra gotten in dreams
2. The Mantra whose Diksha is gained from a female Guru
3. The Mantra which has more than 20 letters
4. The Mantra which has more than 3000 letters
5. Vedic Mantras
6. Hans Mantra
7. 8 lettered Mantras
8. 5 letter Mantras
9. Mantra with one Beej, 2 Beej or 3 Beej Mantras in it.
10. Krishna Mantras
11. Gopal Mantras
12. A 3 lettered Mantra also does not require Deeksha.

All the above mentioned Mantras don't need Diksha and can be chanted by anyone.

Now I will share about Mantra favourability. Not every Mantra is suitable for a person. The knowledge I am sharing here is given in few books but I am still sharing so that one does not have to buy numerous books about our religion.

There are various Chakra one needs to see before starting his "Mantra Sadhana".

First and foremost important is Kulaakul Chakra. This Chakra has to followed for every god or goddess except the following- the 10 Mahavidya, the Shri Vidya Goddesses namely the 3 Tripur Sundaris, Svapnaavati Madhumati.
Other than this, Rakt Kaali, Mahishaasurmardini, Durga and Pratyangira also do not come under this Chakra.

Kulakul Chakra in Vedic Indian Astrology

Procedure to see Kulaakul Chakra:
1. The procedure is very simple. One must first look at the first letter of his name and then look at the first letter of the God's name. If both of them fall in the same column, it means that the God is of your Kul only and his Mantra is extremely favorable.
A special and important thing  one must not forget is that every God has various forms. And every form may not be favorable. For example, Kali has more than 10  forms and every form may not be favorable. Hence, in such a case, the Sadhak must first look at the Viniyog of the Mantra he wants to do Sadhana of. Then, in the Viniyog, he must look at the name of the God given in it and then utilize the Kulaakul Chakra.
The Mantra Sadhana cannot be done with a Mantra which doesn't have Viniyog. So if you are unable to find Viniyog of a Mantra, you cannot do the Sadhana.

Other than what I have mentioned in 1st point, the following Varg should also be kept in mind:

1.Jal + Bhumi
2. Agni + Vaayu

Enemy: Vaayu + Bhumi
Agni + Bhumi

The Aakash Varg is favourable Varg for all.

Remember that the Vidyas I had mentioned in the starting dont require Kulaakul Chakra introspection but you still need to check other Chakras I am mentioning ahead.

If the result is indifferent. I.e your and your Mantra Devta's Kul is neither friendly nor enemy, then the Mantra must be considered as zero effect. i.e. it will not give any benefit.

After checking Kulaakul Chakra, he must look at Raashi Chakra:

1. Mesh Raashi(Aries Moon Sign) - अ, आ, इ, ई।
2. Vrushabh Rashi - उ , ऊ, ऋ
3. Mithun - ऋृ, लृ, लृ
4. Kark - ए, ऐ
5. Sinh- ओ, औ
6. Kanya - अं, अः , श, ष, स, ह, ल, क्ष
7. Tula - क, ख, ग, घ, ङ
8. Vrishchik- च, छ, ज, झ, ञ
9. Dhanu- ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण
10. Makar - त, थ, द, ध, न
11.kumbh- प, फ, ब, भ, म
12. Meen- य,र, ल,व

For Rashi Chakra, one must look at his Rashi and then the Rashi of the God whom you found in the Viniyog.
1. If the God's Rashi is 8th or 12th from your Rashi, then the Mantra is not favourable.
2. If the God's Rashi  is 1st, 5th, or 9th from your rashi, it is favourable Mantra Sadhana
3. If the Mantra is 2nd, 6th or 10th  from your Rashi, the Mantra will give benefits but not complete benefits. It may only give limited benefits.
4. If the Rashi of the God is 3rd,7th and 11th from your Rashi, then the Mantra is very beneficial and it's chanting will benefit not only you but also your whole family.
5. If the God's Rashi it is 8th or 12th from your Rashi, doing that particular Mantra Sadhana will bring your death

The Sadhak must keep one rule in mind:
1. The counting of Rashi should be started from your Rashi itself and not the Rashi ahead of yours.

Akshar Nakshatra Gana in Hindu Vedic Astrology

Akshar Nakshatra Gana in Mantra Science

This Chakra helps to know whether the Gana and the Nakshatra of the Sadhak and God is favourable or no. First, he must look at his own Gana in the table and then God's Gana in the table. After Gana(गण) Chakra, one must look at Nakshatra Chakra.
I have attached a picture of the Nakshatra and Gana Table. After referring to the Table, he must look at the results given below:

1] If Sadhak's Gana is Maanav or Dev, then the same will be beneficial. Rakshas Gana will be harmful.
2. If the Sadhak's Gana is Rakshas, then only Mantras of a Rakshas Gana will be favourable. Dev and Manav Gana Mantras well be harmful.

A. If the Mantra Nakshatra is 1,2,4,6,8,9,10,11,13,15,17,18 or 19 from the Sadhak's Nakshatra then the Mantra is favourable and Sadhak can get success.
B. If it is 3,5,7,12,14,16,21,23,25 then Sadhak will end up destroying himself or even die.

Indeed Mantra Sadhana is  really long and complicated.
The things that I have shared  tool now and going to share in future are irreplaceable part of a Sadhana. The way air is important for a human, the same way all Sadhana rules are necessary and inevitable. Such knowledge is not known to the general public because it only shared by gurus to their disciples. Hence it is said that having a Guru is utmost necessity for a Sadhak.

This is all for the first part.


  1. Respected Sir,
    -for any mantra purashcharan procedure,in how many days we should complete everything which include japa,havan,tarpan,marjan and daan.

    thank you

    1. The less the number of days one keeps, the better. Because sadhana is tough. And if you do sadhana for 20 days or 30 days or 40 days, there are chances that you may break some or the other rule. Hence, any sadhana must get completed within 11-25 days. Including havan,tarpan,marjan,brahman bhojan and daan

  2. Sir, thanks for sharing such a secrete and rare information. Sir, how to know Rashi & Gana of God?

  3. I have read the Mahakali chalisa and prayed to Mahakali For give me guidance and she gave me a mantra , Jai Mahakali maa, Thank you Mr Neel and Mr Ashok Mehta.

  4. i don´t see several letters in the Gana and Nakshatra chart sir.

    "S" in hindi sir (for my name), and few other like "L" "H" "R".. also are missing (i mention these, as letters correspond to Laxmi, Hanuman, Ram..)

  5. Hi,

    How can we correctly use a Rudraksha mala for counting purpose (108 beads)? I mean, it is suggested that during mantra chanting mala shouldn't touch ground. If we sit in half lotus position and hold 108 beads mala then it will definitely touch the ground and at the same time it is not possible to hold our hand midway towards our heart area and hold it for long as it will start hurting during middle of mantra chanting and leads to distraction.

    I am unable to get any satisfactory answer to this question and that's the reason i avoided using mala for counting purpose and counting number of chants using my fingers only during meditation.

    Thank You.

    1. Mala has to be held midway near the heart or neck. That is how the japa is done

    2. Pls use small beads rudraksha mala.

  6. Ashok ni thx for sharing such a wonderful information. Can I recite my rashi mantra? Can you please suggest me some remedies or mantras for getting job in abroad? Plz reply

  7. jai gurudeva
    this tip for doin mantra sadhana is a little bit cryptic can u plz put it in an much more elaborate form , sorry no hard feelings
    thanking you
    yours truly

  8. Namaste sir please help me to get in kulaakul chakra .. I m not getting it please a humble request to you and in nakshatra and gana chakra wht is 11 akshar it's not clear so not able to read it clearly...

  9. pranam sir i didnt get it Libran my name start with "S" सु plzz suggest which mantra would be favourable to mee..plzz guide as it is not easiest to completely understand what you posted plzz guide sir

  10. Hi sir, request you to suggest the mantra as my name starting letter ma which mantra have to do as per kulaakul chakra I didn't get it please ..... And wht is the 11akshar in nakshatra and gana chakra please help me I requesting to u please help me

    1. in kulaakul chakra your name is in aakash varg.
      The 11th letter in nakshatra and gana chakra is "च"

    2. I have shared these articles so that people can look at these chakras and choose mantras themselves without help of a guru. There are crores of mantras in hinduism and I cannot go through every mantra for one person. I myself am very busy. The purpose of sharing these chakras and other knowledge was that people can decide the mantra themselves after referring to the chakra.If everything I will tell then what is the meaning of sharing these chakras and so much information on mantra sadhana.

  11. Namaste ashok ji,
    I would like to request u cud u pls let me know from I can got this chakra etc details which u post on ur 3,4 post on mantra gyan as her image is not clear and it's hardly possible to read and find details,any book available in market with clear images of these chakra's

  12. The images are not clearly visible. Can you kindly re-upload better quality images, so that we can benefit from this article? Thank you.

    1. click on the images, it will open in other window and you will see it clearly.

  13. Sir juat want to clarify doubt, how to find Rashi/nakshtra. Is it based on mooon sign or name of the person. If name is not same as other name

  14. Guruji i am getting lot of confuse i am getting scared about this article pleas guide me which mantra and which god is suitable to worship to me i am from karnataka my date of birth is 16 march 1980 7.30 pm i am weightin for your answer

  15. Guruji
    My name is sravan kumar and my rasi is mesha rasi which god I need to pray and mantra please help me

  16. Which name to consider if anybody has two name like official name and nick name?

  17. Ashokji, can you help recover huge share market losses? I tried Kartaveerya but no help from him in this situation.
    Please advise

  18. Can you share your email to this ID-

  19. Guruji,

    Namaste and Jai Ma!
    What does it mean to find the viniyog of mantra? What is a viniyog, and how does one search for it? I only know of viniyog as a kind of sankalp or as a type of mantra, not a sub-category.

    Thank-you. Aum.

  20. Pranaam panditji.Does these rules apply for daily japa mantras too?

  21. Neel sir mera ek question,Kulakul chakra ke anusaar,Agar Rakshas gan ne dev/nar gan ka mantra jaap kare,toh sadhana asafal hogi,yadi Apsara toh dev gan ki hai rakshas gan sadhana kiye safal nahi hogi,Rakshas gan kiska sadhan karni hai plzz batadijiye,rakshas gan ka Devta devi kaun ho sakthi hai


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