Complete Details of Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana

I want to share a very very rare and complete Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana. This kind of Mantra Sadhana is not usually shared to the general public as it is a Shakti Siddhi Mantra Prayoga, which is practiced using an extremely powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for getting her Pratyaksh Darshan and getting your wishes fulfilled. This is a very rare Mantra Sadhana and should only be done by advanced Sadhaks or Yogis.  If a person is not an advanced Sadhak then he should do this Mantra Sadhana only under proper guidance.  – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
The complete detailed procedure of practicing this Baglamukhi Mantra Experiment is described below.
1] This Baglamukhi Mantra Prayoga has to be started from a Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi.
2] This Baglamukhi Sadhana should be done at home or near a river or in a Shivalay. It is said that if a Sadhana or Mantra Paath is done in a Shivalay then it bears unlimited fruit. But this Sadhana is very powerful hence it's better to do it at home.  If you have Atma Raksha Siddhi or know how to protect yourself then one can do this Sadhana in a Shivalay.
3] If you perform this Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana at home, then choose a separate room for this Sadhana and no one else except you should enter that room during the Mantra Sadhana period. If it is possible make a Shivalay in your home itself by performing Pran Prathishta of the Shivling.  If you are doing this then remember that the Shivling should always be given Jaldhara and Dudhdhaaraa or else the results will be calamatic.
4] Remove all the things from that room and make it completely empty. After that, purify it using Gangajal or Gaumutra (cow's urine).
5] Cover the entire room with yellow cloth. I. E.  Cover the walls, ceiling, the room's door, windows, floor and every possible place in the room with yellow cloth.
6] This Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana has to be done between 10 PM of a night till 5 AM.
7] Every day, before commencing the Sadhana the Sadhak has to have a bath from the water of a well. He should have shower without wearing any clothes or accessories  like bracelet, locket, etc.
8] After having a shower,  he should wear a yellow colored dhoti and keep a yellow colored cloth with him and keep it on the support of his neck.  That is, put on the cloth the way someone wears a scarf so as to cover the chest.
9] Sit facing the South Direction and Keep a yellow colored Chowki in front of you and cover it with a yellow colored cloth.  You have to sit on a yellow colored Silk Aasan.
10] After this, make a mount of yellow colored rice.  This can be done by mixing rice with turmeric.
11] On it, keep an energized Baglamukhi Yantra and keep a framed Baglamukhi Photo behind the Yantra.
12] Next, Use a medium or large sized yellow colored earthen lamp and light a pure ghee lamp and use yellow cotton as the wick. The lamp should only be burnt after finally sitting on the Aasaan. Keep the lamp on the Yantra or in front of the Yantra.
13] After that, take yellow colored flowers or petals and spread them on the Chowki. Be careful that the petals or flowers near the Diya don't get burnt.
14] Make 7 mounts of Gandhak and keep 2 pieces of Laung on each of them.
15] After that, smear a Copper Lota which is used during Puja with turmeric or use a Yellow Colored Lota and fill the Lota with yellow colored water. One can use turmeric for this purpose.
16] Keep this vessel on the Chowki
17] Do Achaman Pranayam and then take a small spoonful of water and a Kaner flower and take Sankalp.
18] Do Viniyog and Dhyaan.
19] Use a Dry Turmeric Counting Rosary and chant 101 rounds of this Baglamukhi Mantra daily.
20] Be careful while chanting as turmeric rosaries are fragile and a rosary should not break during chanting.
21] Repeat the entire procedure for 13 days. Make sure that the Chowki and everything on it is not moved and it shouldn’t get Khandit during the 13 days.

Guidelines -
1] This is a Vilakshan Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana. So do not do it if you don't have Atmabal (mental strength)
2] During the 13 days one has to observe fast and only drink milk. The Sadhak cannot eat or drink anything else. One can drink milk as much times as they want.  That is it. No other kind of food or drink is allowed.
3] Before doing this Mantra Sadhana one must master Tratak Dhyaan.
4] During the Sadhana it has been observed that a very scary female may come and sit next to you and stare at you continuously. That is why mastering Tratak is absolutely necessary.
5] During Mantra chanting one can take breaks but under no circumstances should you get up from the Aasan. If you want a break one can rest but only by sitting on the Aasan itself. Before chanting 101 rounds, one should not get up.
6] I am sharing a description of the female who will come and may hinder you. She is non-other than the Goddess Baglamukhi herself who has come to test you. But the test is not easy.  She will come in a very scary condition, wearing a garland made of skulls, with sunken eyes and having a real head in her hands out of which blood is constantly coming and she is drinking the blood. She may have a Khappar with her using which she may scare you. All this she will do in front of you.
7] She will hinder you by kicking you on your back, slapping you and punching on your chest or stomach, making scary noises, laughing in a very fearsome way. She may ask you why you are doing this Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana and tell you to stop chanting the Mantra or else she will kill you with her Khappar and drink your blood.  It has also been experienced that she will push you or hit you so hard that you may fall out from the Aasan. She may even steal the Rosary from you.  And press your neck and prevent you from breathing, etc.  All of this usually happens on the last 5 days and she may keep on doing all of this.
8] Therefore this is a warning that if you don't have the mental strength to face all this then don't do this Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana. There is no way to be protected from such things as these are tests by God.
9] If you be successful, on the 13th day, a very beautiful girl may come.  She is Goddess Baglamukhi herself. Ask her whatever you wish for in life.
10] This Mantra Sadhana is usually done for getting rid of court matters, getting victory over enemies, earning Aishwarya, Saubhagya, etc. in life.

Mantra: || Om Hreem Bagalamukhi Sarvdushtanaam Vacham Mukham Padam
Stambhay Jeevhaam Keelay Keelay Buddhim Vinashay Hreem Om Swaha ||


  1. App logan ka ases ne jo mantra diaa he islie app ke krutagyan hun.

    app se bas ek binti thi ki app mujhe atma badh ka gyan de .kese janu me kon hun?mera astitwa kya he ?me kislie hun?ie janneka mera ichha iska mujhe gyan dijie.

    ise janne kelie koi tarika, mantra, yaa kuchh aur karna padega plz bataie.
    me aapma antar atma ko dekh na meheshus karna chahata hun.

    aasha he ki app iska shahi gyan (margdarshan)denge.


  2. I have read various tantric books on baglamukhi worship....but nowhere i have seen her beejamantra as hreem. HREEM (हृीं)or mayabeej is the beejakshara of mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari.Mahavidya Bagalamukhi s beejamantra as i have seen everywhere is hlreem(ह्ल्रीं ), which is made of 3 sounds combined together -ha la ra ; where ,ha is the bīja for ākāśa; la is the bīja
    for earth and ra is the bīja of fire. Hence , the version of bagla mantra in mantramahodadhi is ॐ ह्ल्रीं बगलामुखि सर्वदुष्टानां वाचं मुखं
    पदं स्तंभय जिह्वां कीलय बुद्धिं विनाशय
    ह्ल्रीं ॐ स्वाहा॥ However during the mantra chanting,one must remember that this beejakshara is pronounced as only HLEEM(ह्लीं), omitting the ra sound. I have commented what i know according to my knowledge. So Ashok ji please verify and tell us that it is ह्लृीं or हृीं or else, both these beejas can be used in bagalamukhi mantra. Thank you.

    1. Using hreem is better

    2. Adityaji I am using Hleem in my mantra jaap

  3. This is interesting but surely risky.Sir, does one have to reply if mother questions? And how does one get back rosary if it's stolen.

    1. No. You have to only keep on doing japa and do not converse with her. She usually throws it back to you after some time

  4. Sir , thank you for posting such an authentic article .
    I have one very special request to you :
    Will you post a Detail Sadhana Article on Mahavidya Bhuwaneshwari .Including how to achieve the siddhi of This special Mahavidya and get the grace of the Goddess .
    I have done some sadhanas of Her , but I want to do the authentic and proper sadhana which yeilds the result .
    The beej mantra is ' Hreem ' but exactly how it has to done and what amount is required so Siddhi , Darshan and actually getting the divine grace of the Mother is what I wish to know very much .
    Some articles I have read mention that Hreem Beej is to be chanted 32 lakh times but ont mention clearly what is the exact vidhi of the sadhana , what articles /samagri is required and over what time duration sadhana is to be done etc .
    Sir Please accept my request to post such an article .

    1. Any reason for doing that sadhana only?

      Anyway following is the procedure:
      From a purnima night, sit on a yellow aasan. If you want to have bhuvneshwari devi darshan and to fulfill your wish then sit facing south. If you want are doing japa just for sukh shanti in house without any specific reason then sit facing north. If you are doing it for earning wealth then sit facing west. Keep a bhuvneshwari yantra on a mount of rice and keep a bhuvneshwari Devi photo behind it. Offer kumkum or kamiya siindur, rice and rose petals to the yantra. Light a pure ghee lamp and chant 101 rounds daily till you complete 32 lakh chants. Try to complete between 9 PM to 2 AM. if you are doing for a particular wish then take sankalp and after completing 32 lakh japa offer yellow colored clothes or gifts to girls below 10 years age. Try giving to 7-10 girls

    2. Thanks for replying.
      I wish to clarify few points :
      1. The Mantra should be only " Hreem " or "Om Hreem Namaha" or "Om Hreem Om"
      2. Mantra Ucchar-Pronunciation of'Hreem' , what is the correct way to pronounce it?
      The word is Hreem , but when it is said , it sounds like Rheem .First R Sound is felt then H sound is felt and them EEM .
      So is there is proper method of chanting it .

      3. Apart from the Single Letter Hreem Beej mantra, is is another version : "Om Ayeim Hreem Shreem"

      Is the sadhana vidhi and amount same ( 32 lakh japa ).

      4. Which japa mala is ideal :
      Rudraksh / Sphatik / Red CHandan

      5. Regarding Mahavidya Sadhanas , I have read that the sadhak should also worship the Corresponding Shiv Form and Bhairav of the Mahavidya . If yes , then how should it be done.

      6. For placing a yantra , whats the correct way to keep it ?
      By placing it flat on surface or By keeping it reclined like a photo frame ?

    3. 1. chant whichever you want. chanting hreem and om hreem om will give the same result. however, om hreem namaha chant creates sammohan.
      2. you can look on youtube for it
      3. that is a different mantra. dont mix 2 mantras
      4. rudraksh or sphatik only
      5. just chant the normal ganesha mantra one round and mool bhairav mantra one round before chanting hreem
      6. horizontal. but on a mount of yellow rice. rice can be made yellow by mixing rice with small amount of turmeric and small amount of water

    4. Ashok Sir, could you suggest any book for first hand information on all the mahavidyas?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dear Ashokji,
    1) what if sadhak get thrown out of aasan.
    2) goddess will only test during the actual sadhana time or all 13 days X 24 hours
    3) sadhak has to simply ignore her or pay respect
    4) is there any possibility or chance that sadhak would get killed by goddess.
    5) any kavach needs to recite before & after sadhana.
    6) can this sadhana be done in any room of an apartment without converting it into shivalay
    7) can this sadhana be done in presence of others on the bank of Holly Ganga.

    Ashokji please answer my questions. Thank you. Amit

    1. she may test you whenever she wants
      if youre not mentally strong enough then you will
      kavach will not help in test of god
      you can
      no. this sadhana has be done secretly.

  7. Dear Ashokji,
    Many thanks.
    1)I m 100% sure, any ordinary person will get frightened by seeing scary thing. But as u said it is goddess and not any paranormal entity, so ignoring it, if i continue reciting & chanting, will goddess stops harming or killing.
    2)Is there any chance that goddess may test sadhak during day time for eg while going/coming to office, in office or mid night.
    3) if goddess throws sadhak out of aasan suppose on last day or 12th day then whole sadhana needs to do again
    4) is ganpati blessing must before stating sadhana every day

    1. 1. i have shared experience of one person in this post. It's not necessary that every person experiences the same.
      2. No
      3. No need to repeat. Continue the japa from where you left
      4. Yes

    2. I like to know about Vartali sadhana. Can plse give its details

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Dear Guriji , Namaskar. Please Post on Shava sadhana.

    1. Hello remo
      There are numerous guidelines for shava sadhana. The denture of the shav has to be intact/perfect, of the order completely, all bones well formed and intact, no scars wounds and no snake on and so forth. Merely knowing mantras is very dangerous.The Sadhak is accompanied by learned sadhika(s) and other enlightened fellow sadhaks.Preparing the perfect shav for sadhana is very secretive. And the people who perform this kind of sadhanas are highly professional.There are various secret mantras and rituals which are seldom disclosed.
      The shav after having being made to talk and give rare wisdom which otherwise is impossible to realize can also create a havoc and get out of control even for the enlightened sadhakas.
      These sadhanas are too deep! A mantra a two is too little to unlock this gateway.

  10. Ashok mehta sir what is hiranya valga sadhana of maa bagalamukhi.

  11. Sir , can I recite the mantra on daily basis or any thing I should before chanting mantra daily after bath of bagalamukhi Devi..

  12. Sir today for the first time i chanted maa bagalamukhi mantra for 108 times. Being a woman is it ok to chant this mantra?
    Why my head is spinning after chanting the mantra? Why i was becoming almost senseless while chanting the mantra? Kindly answer

    1. It is perfectly ok for women to chant this Mantra.
      It is a good sign, it means that you are being one with the Mantra.

  13. Hello Sir
    Can I chant this mantra on daily basis , not sadhana but chanting Maa Bagalamukhi mantra for 108 times? Please advise .

  14. I am new on page, landed up searching for baglamukhi puja. Actually a pandit ji did baglamukhi puja for me and my loved one, so that we get married soon. To my surprise he said puja was wiphal as we were physically involved before marriage, he said we will have to face negative aspects, and was asking for more money to get rid of affect. I thought he was lying, as according to me no puja can have bad effects or kill someone, maa can never harm their child. Please enlighten me

    1. It's like ,one says untill they reach the sun's closest orbit..sun is god and they will pray every morning...once they experience skin burn rapidly then they re ognize the sun god's real energy...
      Shakthi or Devi is no different from the various energies and it's amalgamation of superior force that protects and watches all the time...
      So for the astrologer seeking more money is an indication that he either has no skill or lacks sense of guidance...i suggest you simply indulge in Devi prarthana with good happens to any body...but above are the guidance by experts.


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