Talisman to Increase Sales and Customers of Shop

A Talisman for increasing the sales, customers, income and profits of a shop or any small business that operates from a shop or office has been described in this post. This Talisman is a unique Numerical Yantra that can be helpful for those shopkeepers or small business who are facing problems in their business.

The Talisman has also been attributed with the paranormal powers of removing malefic vibrations and energies that are obstructing the growth and progress of the shop.

As the Talisman is a Numerical Yantra, it does not need to be energized by any kind of Infusion Mantra, Ritual or by performing any special kind of worship.

The simple procedure given below has to be followed in order to make and use this Talisman.

1] The Yantra, shown in the image can be prepared on any day by drawing it on a white piece of paper with a red colored pen.

Yantra to Increase Sales and Customers of Shop

2] Then, it should be either laminated or placed in a photo frame and hung on the wall that is facing the main entrance of the shop or office.

3] Even though there is no need to worship the Yantra, it should always be kept clean and free from dust and cobwebs.

This simple paranormal ritual is said to remove the losses faced by the shopkeeper, attract more customers in the shop and make it profitable and healthy once again.

The Talisman can also be useful in reviving shops that are on the verge of closing down.

The Hindi Language video of this Remedy to Increase the Sales and Customers of a Shop can be seen on our YouTube Channel -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOIxXGvIoQk

Note- Many more Yantras, Charms and Talismans for all kinds of business and money related problems can be seen in the section on Yantras for Money and Business


  1. Sir,
    I am providing tuition on art and craft. Presently I am not having fair number of students. Is the above mentioned remedy applicable in this case? Or any other remedies available? Kindly suggest.

    1. This remedy can be applied for your problem, there are also other other remedies that can be seen in the Money Yantras and other section of this site.

    2. Sir I want to know that you have given remides according to Rashi but are you follwing sun signs or moon sign for Rashi please send this to all because lot of people migh be confused according to date I am Tauraus if you can reply on my email it would be help full umesh_2us@hotmail.com

    3. The Remedies are all given as per Rashi, which is Moon Sign. Whenever it is given as per Lagna Rashi or Surya Rashi it is mentioned in the concerned posts.

    4. Namashkaar sir , sir where is mentioned rashi in post i am not able to find.please rply

  2. Hi,
    Can we put in Puja place at office which faces main entrance instead of wall if there is no direct wall facing main entrance.?

  3. Sir, please suggest some remedies to increase sales in online selling business. I don't have any office. I just do paintings at home and sell them online.

    1. मेरी राय है कि आप लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति के लिए रोज प्रातः सम्पुटित श्रीसूक्त का
      एवं सायंकाल शिव तांडव स्तोत्र का पाठ करें .

    2. Plz help me in front of my shop at another's shop a black doll is hanged on his shops shutter

    3. सतयनिधी जी कृपया मेरी मदद करे मेरी दुकान के सामने वाले एक दुकानदार ने शटर के बाहर एक काले रंग की कपडे की गुडिया टांग रखी है

  4. I have started a ladies boutique one month ago...now no customers..which mantra to use to get customers n money

  5. Dear Neel Sir, Namaste.
    Sir, I am an online free lancer trainer, hence I don't have any shop or office (as it's not required for me) but it's a kind of business...so can I keep this yantra in my home's mandir (thouth my ghar ka mandir don't face any entrance door)... Plz do reply???

    1. You can put it on the wall facing the main door.


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