Saraswati Mantra to Improve Memory Power

A Buddhi Aur Smaran Shakti Badhane Ka Saraswati Mantra – Prarthana or a Saraswati Mantra-Prarthana to improve Intelligence and Memory has been described by me in this post. This Mantra, composed in the Hindi language is like a mind and memory increasing prayer, which is suitable for everyone, including senior citizens, housewives and students.

Indian Home Remedy to Remove Lice

In this post, I have written about a Baal Me Se Jue Nilakne Ka Tantric Totka or a paranormal Indian home remedy to remove lice from the hair. This Gharelu Upchar makes the use of simple to practice ritual along with the Neem Ka Tel to eradicate lice from the head.

Mantra for Lifelong Freedom From Malefic Planets

Some years back, I had written about a most powerful Mantra to remove planetary ill-effects or Graha Pida Nivaran. In this post, I have described a special Tantra using the same Mantra to not only get life long relief from planetary ill-effect, but also remove bad luck, poverty and money shortage and Paap Mukti [freedom from sins committed in the past].

Revenge Spell to Disrupt Work of Enemies

A simple Shartu Nashak Tantra for spoiling and disrupting all the jobs, tasks or works of an enemy, competitor or rival has been described by me in this post. This simple Indian paranormal remedy can be practiced by any man or woman as a stand-alone enemy punishing revenge spell, which works according to reliable sources.

15 Ka Yantra for Shatru Uchchatan

In this post, I have described the preparation method of a very exceptional and unheard of Dushman Uchchatan Yantra Prayog, which is performed using a Pandrah Ka Yantra, a Chamgadar, a unique paste and an Uchchatan Mantra Chant.

Vashikaran By Incense to Attract Desired Girl or Boy

Vashikaran By Scent, Smell and Incense or Baas, Sugandh Aur Dhoop Dwara Vashikaran, is a popular method of casting Vashikaran Love-Spells on a desired girl or boy lover or life-partner. In this post, I have written about 2 easy to perform Vashikaran Experiments or Totke, which manipulate the senses of a targeted person using a special kind of Dhoop or Incense to bind that person under a Voodoo Spell as a lover or life-partner.

Indian Voodoo Spell to Frighten an Enemy

A Tantric Totka to scare an enemy and make him run away without offering any kind of opposition or fight has been described by me in this post. Such Tantric remedies are normally given by Aghori Tantriks to their client who want some or the other Magical Voodoo Spell to remove enemies without actually fighting with them.

Totka to Remove Kala Jadu done by Aghori Tantrik

A Totka, which is said to remove the harmful effects Jadu Tona - Kala Jadu or Black Magic Spells being performed against you by a Aghori Tantrik or Evil Voodoo Spell Caster, has been described by me in this post. The Tantrik Badha also includes Vashikaran, Akarshan and Sammohan Spells, which are cast against you in order to bind you under a spell against your wishes.

Mantra Sadhana of Vidravini Devi

The Mantra given in this post, is said to invoke Vidravini Devi, in order to get her Shakshatkar [vision] and a Vardaan [boon] from her. Very little information is available in the Hindu religious scriptures about the specific description of this deity. By all indications she is feminine Shakti of the highest order and a form/ part of the Divine Mother Goddess.