Secret Procedure to Attain Siddhi over Mantras

Today I want to share a secret procedure on how to attain Siddhi [Mastery] over Mantras. Such experiments are not usually shared to the general public. Such Mantra Prayogs are only known to the Aghori Sadhus and Gurus who do penance in the Himalayas. Even the temple Pandits and the everyday Gurus don't know about such Prayogs. – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
What I am sharing here is a unique Prayog to attain Siddhi over Mantras.
Many a times it happens that no matter how many times we try, we don't get Siddhi in a Mantra-Tantra Sadhana.  With all devotion, the Sadhak must do the Sadhana and keep on trying again and again until he doesn’t get Siddhi. If, even after doing the Sadhana 4-5 times, the Sadhak doesn’t get Siddhi in that particular Sadhana, he should do this Prayog to get Siddhi over that Mantra.

I am sharing this Upaay just for those who don't get Siddhi in a Mantra Sadhana.  If you use this Prayog just because you feel lazy and want to use the easy way out to do the Sadhana then you will only become the reason for God's anger and punishment.  Do this Prayog only when you have done the, Sadhana at least 4-5 times and still have not got success.

There are lots of Upaay to get Siddhi over a Mantra but I am sharing the toughest among those so that one does not use this Prayog due to laziness.

Procedure of the Experiment for getting Siddhi over Mantras:
1] On any auspicious Hindu day or on Navratri or Diwali, in the Brahma Muhurat, keep the Yantra of the Mantra Sadhana you want to gain Siddhi. In this also, the respective rules of Puja have to be followed.
For example: In Hanuman Sadhanas,  the Hanuman Yantra has to kept on a mount of red rice which has been created on a red cloth,etc. rules have to be followed.

2] One has to perform Ganesh Mansik Pujan [Mental Worship] and chant one’s Karya Siddhi Mantra or Guru Mantra.

3] Then one has to take a large sized Bhojpatra and first draw "||".   Then one has to write the Vayu Beej "यं" and then write the first letter of the Mantra.  After this, one has to write the "यं" Beej again. This is called Samputan or Encasing. Do this for every letter of the Mantra.
Then add "||" at the end of the Mantra.

4] One can separate the Devanagari words of the Mantra in a book beforehand for reference.

5] Once done, do Shodashopchar Puja of the Bhojpatra.

6] The ink has to be made from a paste of Kapoor, Kumkum, Khas, Chandan and Gangajal.  One can use a Kush stick for writing.

7] After that do 1000 Japa of the Mantra without the Vayu Beej and then perform an Aarti of the Bhojpatra.

This will ensure Siddhi in that particular Mantra Sadhana. This Prayog can be used for any God’s and Goddess’s Mantra Sadhana. However, this procedure cannot be used for Mantra Sadhanas related to a Pisach, Pisachini, Bhoot, Dakini or any other similar entity.

I am giving a warning, that don't use this Prayog just because you feel lazy to a Mantra Sadhana for a long time or if you don’t feel like chanting a Mantra for 1 lakh or so times. Because Anushthan and Sadhana itself mean doing penance. One who wants to do a Sadhana should not think about the problems or the difficulties that may come with it. Sadhana itself means removing all the excuses and dedicating oneself completely to God, then it doesn't matter if you are an office going person or you're an old aged person. In order to perform a Sadhana you need to remove all the excuses.

Hence, only do this Prayog or Upaay when you've devotedly done any Mantra Sadhana 3-4 times and still have not got success.

If you do this prayog without having tried siddhi in the sadhana, you will unnecessarily have to bear the anger of Gods.


  1. Ashok Sir,
    Completely agree with you. Will try, try & try till get sadhana safal without any kind of excuse.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Sincere gratitude to Ashok ji for giving this rare information. Mantras are Sacred, even the thought of chanting them needs to be pious, and motive also pious. Thank you Sir

  3. Does a Yakshini also belong to the category mentioned above, Sir?

  4. Dear Mister Mehta,
    Can you help me to find a specialbook " Brihad inderjaal kautuk ratan bandhaar Sager" It was de book of my guru, i only have the yantra section. My guru is past a way in 2011. All his books were stolen from his temple. it is said. His family do not want to share the books because no one learned the teachings of my guru. I pratice tantrik in the netherslands. Hope you can guide me in my quest.

  5. Ashok sir ,I searched the net. But didnt get what does khas mean. Where can i get it

  6. Ashok sir, can you tell me about how to do mantra jaap, what are the rules must follow.
    If I want to do 1,25000 times than in how many days should I complete?
    How many hours should I do it in a day or which places should be avoided for sadhana?

  7. Respected Sir,

    can mool mantra alone be recited (without anganyasa and karanyasa) one lakh times for mantra siddhi?

    kindly enlighten...


    1. Yes it can be chanted without the procedures mentioned by you.

  8. Ashokji, can you please guide me one thing related to your above article - secret procedure to attain mantra siddhi
    Please guide me that If I like to get Siddhi in Mantra
    "Om Namah Shivaye"
    So as you said in your article that we have to write "YUM" beej mantra on bhojpatra after every letter of mantra
    So I like to confirm, it will be like this :
    || Yum Om Yum Na Yum Mah Yum Shi Yum Va Yum Ye ||
    It is right as I mentioned above?
    One more thing do I have to wear bhojpatra in amulet while chanting 1000 times, Or I have to keep it with Yantra in front of me
    Last is aarti, I have to recite Mahadev Aarti at the end, if I am Chanting Namah Shivaye right ?
    Please guide me with nt above doubts sir

  9. Ashok sir, 2 more doubts sir
    After completing this prayog, one don't have to do sadhana again, mantra get siddhi after thia prayog itself, right sir?
    Second doubt is after completing prayog, we have leave bhojpatra and yantra in running water of river or have to keep it at home?

  10. gurudev,i want to get the mantra siddhi for the mantra mentioned below.
    '' om kreem naga chandrike hamsa kleem swaha''
    i need this siddhi within three days.
    but,there are many troubles around me.i want to face them.
    so,please help me to get this siddhi with this mantra within three days!

    1. Its not childs play to gain siddhi in 3 days 😂

  11. sir we can use astgandh or pomegranete pen for write mantra

  12. This is called bhraman


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