Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jain Mantras for Any Work

The Mantras given in today’s post are all-purpose or multi-purpose Jain Mantras for successfully completing as per expectations any task, job or wish, including success in love and marriage, job-interview or examinations, success in court cases or litigation, release from custody or jail or success in any business or money making venture.

Below, in this post, I have given two Jain Mantra Chants along with their English translations, both the Mantras have the same purpose and any one of the two Mantras should be selected by the practitioner for fulfilling the task he or she has in mind.

1] ॐ ह्रीं अर्हं णमो सव्वो सहिपत्ताणं ||
2] ॐ ह्रीं अर्हं णमो खप्पो सहिपत्ताणं ||
1] Om Hreem Arham Namo Savvo Sahipattaanam ||
2] Om Hreem Arham Namo Khappo Sahipattaanam ||

There in no Siddhi Sadhana for these Mantras and the practitioner can select any one of them and chant it as many times as desired until the conclusion of the task. For example- If chanting for success in a court case, job-interview or examinations, the practitioner should continue the Mantra Chanting until the results of the examinations or court-case are announced.

The Mantra Prayog is uncomplicated and simple can can be performed by any-person. The only departure is for women to stop the Mantra Experiment, while undergoing their Monthly-Cycle.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Before starting the chanting of any 1 of this mantras for particular wish, do we need to take sankalp of that wish to do for example 1 mala daily of this mantra until wish fulfilled etc?



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