Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ram Mantra to Quit Hardest Addictions

In this post, Ashok Mehta has written about a Shri Ram Mantra Experiment, which if performed with firm determination and self-belief will remove even those addictions, which are said to be the hardest to quit.  The Mantra Sadhana will be very beneficial to those people who are attempting desperately to get quit addictions like addiction to cards, gambling and games of chance, drugs and narcotic substance abuse, alcohol and cigarettes.

The Ram Mantra Experiment will also be useful for getting rid of other addictions like addiction to certain kinds of food, love and sex, tea, coffee, soft drinks, internet, video games and even addiction to work.

By Ashok Mehta
This is a very simple and easy to practice Ram Mantra Experiment to get rid of even the toughest of addictions. The simple and easy to practice method of performing this Mantra Prayoga is described below.
This Ram Mantra has to chanted facing the North or East Direction.
The Ram Mantra has to be chanted for 11 rounds daily [1188 Mantra Chants] using a Tulsi Beads Counting Mala for 40 days.
If the Mantra Chanting is done with the firm determination to get rid of the addiction, this Mantra will surely work and remove the even the hardest of addictions.

|| ॐ राम रामाय नमः ||
|| Om Ram Ramaya Namah ||


  1. Agar koi apne kisi family member ka addiction khatam karna chahe to uske liye ye mantra use ho sakta hai ya phir koi or mantra hai

    Agar koi mantra hai to please upload


  2. Take sankalp before starting the japa

  3. Thank you sir mere husband apne addiction ko chhodna nahi chahate hain kya mere jaap karne se work karega ya mere husband ko hi japa karna hoga

  4. Kis din se start karna hai

  5. i love this side , i have been a reader of this post of this side, pls sir always i plead remember to post that which can be practice easily universally

  6. ashok almost made me stop practicing mantra because somtings he said , that if we made a mistake in mantra then no result or unreversable side effect

    1. Every mantra has its own strength. No mantra should be pronounced wrong. However,there is hardly any bad effect for simple mantras like the one in the post. But such pronunciation mistakes cant be done in shabar mantras or tantrik mantras because it includes huge energy which can backfire due to wrong pronunciation

  7. Sir gud morning , 1) can this mantra quit the addiction of negetive thoughts that disturb while doing prarthana , sadhana and any kind of vrat and pooja? 2)can this mantra quit all kinds of bad habits and addictions? 3) can this mantra quit addiction of biting nails?( I bite my nails a lot ). Sir plz answer all 3 questions. Thank you sir

  8. Sir any food restrictions to be followed , non veg should not be eaten , anything more like, onion, garlic, curd, tanginess(followed in santoshi maa prayer) . Sir please reply

  9. HOw the girls can do this? cant repear thriughtly because of monthly mencise period..... please reply what the girls should do if they want to do this sadhana


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