Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Chant Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya ||, ॐ नमः शिवाय || is arguable one of the most popular and chanted of all the Hindu Mantras. This Panchakshari Mantra or Five letters Shiva Mantra is also arguable one of Hinduisms most Powerful Mantras.  The letter which comprise this Mantra are a combination of the Pancha Tatvas or the Five Elements of life; Air [Vayu], Fire [Agni], Jal [Water], Prithvi [Earth] and Akash [Sky].

The meaning of this Mantra is – Namaskar or Salutation to Shiva.  It has been mentioned repeatedly in most Hindu Religious Scriptures that the Meditation on Shiva, by the chanting of this Mantra leads to spiritual upliftment, evolution and Nirvana [the ultimate liberation].

The Mantra can be chanted at anytime during the day or night and even in bed, the chanter should visualize everything as being Shiva while chanting the Mantra.

Most Important Information - A Sadhu, Yogi or a Sanyasi [Someone who has renounced Worldly Life and has detached himself from all Social and Family Bonds] should omit the “Om” while chanting the Mantra and should only chant “Namah Shivaya – नमः शिवाय”.  Householders and ordinary people should chant the Mantra as it is.

The Mantra can also be chanted as- Om Namo Shivaya ||, ॐ नमो शिवाय ||

The Mantra is said to start showing results after the completion of 500,000 Mantra Chants. Even though. It is prescribed to use a Rudraksha Bead Counting Mala; I would advise against counting the Mantra Chants and practice it like a long term Meditation Mantra.

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  1. Dear neel Sir


    I have just one question my jap of 1,51,000 japs of om namah shivya are about to complete in few days but i take alcohol and non - veg in dinner some times. does it have any effect on the jap

    1. This long term Shiva Sadhana is independent of any rules, there is no bar for taking wine and non-veg food.

    2. Thanks you so much sir .. Please keep us enlightened like this always

    3. Dear Neel Sir

      Today i have completed my japps along with the 1/10 hawan. your articles are the motivation behind this so i wanted to share it with you. Thanks So much Hope my all problems will get solved.

  2. Can u tell me about the process of 1/10 hawan

  3. can i chant this mantra anytime, anywhere or it requires a special place and time

  4. Sir, Which one of these do you chant: i am still confused should I chant om "namah" shivaya OR om "namo" shivaya. namo version is faster but is it's power exactly the same ?

    1. Both the versions are the same having the same power and you can chant the Shiva Mantra in whichever way that suits you.

  5. Sir, I read on this site that no mantra gets siddh without guru diksha, so do I need to get diksha for the "om namo shivay" mantra. I do not know where to find a guru, I do not live in india. please help me with this issue. I do recite om hansah shivah, soham hansah, shivah hansah, shivah soham.... about 5 times before om namo shivay.

  6. Dear Neel sir, kindly clarify. Do we need to get diksha for this om namo shivay mantra from a guru. I am confused because Ashokji on other pages seems to say that we do. I have no way of getting diksha since there are no gurus here. I do the om hansah shivah mantra 5x for guru, is that sufficient. thank you very much

    1. This is a devotional Shiva Mantra, which needs no Siddhi, however, in the context of this Mantra, it gains strength if chanted in the manner described in the post. When a Mantra starts gaining in strength, it is said to be Siddh.

  7. Thank you very much Neel sir. I am learning so much, it probably would have required many lifetimes otherwise.


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