Maha Gauri Mantra for Navratri Ashtami

Today is the Ashtami or the eighth day of the Navaratri celebration, dedicated to the Maha Gauri form of the Mother Goddess Durga Mata.  The legend of Maha Gauri says that she became fair, beautiful and radiant by meditating upon Shiva to make him her husband; this signifies the cleaning and removal of all accumulated bad Karma and Sins committed in life.  Maha Gauri has a fair and white complexion, which is glowing and radiant, this is symbolic of true purity.

The Ashtami of Navaratri is believed to extremely auspicious for the worship of the Maha Gauri form of Durga Mata; many devote Hindus keep a fast on this day and worship Maha Gauri.

The day is as said above, extremely beneficial for removing hardships, deprivation, and making a new beginning in life by removing all the bad baggage of the past.

The faithful can meditate upon any of the Mantras dedicated towards Mahagauri. The one, which, I had given – Here - Shakti Mantra of Gauri, some time back can also be chanted. While chanting the Mantra, the chanter should visualize the Goddess as being youthful, fair, and beautiful and of a glowing golden white complexion.

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