Meditation Mantras of Jagdamba Mata

The Adi Shakti, Divine Mother and the Mother of the Universe is worshipped by many names throughout India. This depends upon the culture, tradition, history and heritage of that particular region. The spiritualists and the seekers know her as the Kundilini Shakti; lying dormant in each and every human; they strive to activate her within their being.

Jagdamba is also one of the names of the Divine Mother; the devotees visualize her in the form of the Mother of the World.

A couple of Mantras of the Mother Goddess as Jagdamba Mantra are given here for the benefit of seekers who visualize her in this form.

ॐ अंबायै नमः ||
Om Ambayai Namah ||

ॐ जगदंबायै नमः ||
Om Jagdambayai Namah ||

Both the Mantras have the same meaning “I bow to the Mother who gave birth to the World”

These are Meditation Mantras and the seeker can select and do Japa on any one of them. The Mantras will gain potency after the completion of 600.000 chants. However the seeker should not count the chants and practice this as a long term Mantra Meditation.

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  1. Sir please reply...... kya meditation sirf pooja me baith ke hi Karna hai ya had time recite karte reh sakte hai........

    1. Meditation Mantras can be chanted any-time; there is no need to sit in Pooja.

  2. Sir kya koi bhi meditation mantra periods me bhi recite kiya ja sakta hai....

  3. sir..can i will chatting before going 2 sleep


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