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Hanuman Shakti Mantras for Success

These are 2 Hanuman Shakti Mantras for Success in any work, enemy problems and Vashikaran.  These are 2 versions of the same mantra.  The first one is a general Sadhana and the other one is a specific Prayog with 2 uses; attraction and enemies.

The first version of the mantra has to be chanted 125,000 times for Siddhi. After gaining mastery over it, it should be chanted 11 times while going for any new work or assignment, this is said to give success and progress in that purpose.

The second version is a Prayog which can be used for the purposes of Vashikaran to attract and enchant anyone as well as for the purposes of enemy destruction including hidden and unknown enemies.

For Siddhi the following Prayog has to be done – A drawing of Hanuman should be made on a white piece of Paper. This can be a pencil sketch or even a water colour painting. Then the drawing has to be worshipped by doing a Panchopachara Puja  [offering Gandham, Agarbatti, Flowers, Diya and Prasad to the sketch of Hanuman]. Then a little stream of Mustard Oil has to be flowed on the forehead of the sketch.

This completed the Hanuman Mantra has to be chanted 100,000 times. The word ‘Amuk’ has to be replaced by the name of the person who you wish to attract or the name of your enemy.

The person on whom you use it will forever come under you spell of attraction, so never take undue advantage of this person. The enemy on whom you use it will forever be in danger, his wealth and property will be destroyed and he will always be sad and surrender to you.

Caution - The mantra should be practised with care as this is a Satvik Mantra Sadhana and if used for wrongful and selfish purposes it can rebound and backfire upon you.

Hanuman Mantras for Vashikaran, Enemies and Work
 Hanuman Shakti Mantras for Success


  1. hi sir. as for as 2nd mantra is concerned ,amuk has to be replace and the person name has to be chanted for 1lakh times or name has to be replaced only after attaining siddhi( ie after 1lakh japa) . after attaining siddhi what is the procedure of using 2nd mantra . i hope u understood my doubts . thank u sir.

    1. The second mantra is a specific one, you have to chant it taking the name of the person 100,000 times

  2. hello sir i want to know how mantra can backfire is it all mantra backfire or their r specific mantra which do so

  3. Respected sir, just want to know can we insert two names in place of amuk. The second thing is, do we need to complete mantras in one sitting or in few days
    Thanking you.

  4. dear neel sir,
    i am a datta upasak and please tell me a simple vasikaran mantra for a good cause. my mail id is

  5. Respected Sir,
    just wanted to know that by using these mantras can I be able to Change my Future towards Happiness and wealthy
    please do let me know as being a devotee to my god
    Shree Hanumanji save me from death.
    my id is

  6. Respected Shree Neel N,

    I would like to know the authenticity of all The Mantras and Information provided in Has these Mantras been tried and proven? I am a follower and a Shishya of Swami Nikhileshwar (Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali Ji). I found very interesting Mantras in your site which I would like to achieve "Siddhi" some day. Is there any other way to contact you directly via email? Your guidance and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanking you, Suraj Lama. (

  7. Dear sir can i do japp of 2nd mantra without offering substance because i work on ship nothing is with me ..

    1. The offerings for the Mantra Prayog have been specifically mentioned in the Tantra, hence they have to be offered to make the experiment fruitful,

  8. Namaste Neel Guruji,
    I completed the one lakh chants concluding today. I took 101 days to complete the long term sadhana. I started on April 15 and concluded today. Please let me know as to what needs to be done to image which I drew for worship hanuman for this sadhana. Please tell me whether I should continue to get the desired

    1. You can keep the Hanuman image in your Puja Place as you have completed the Mantra Sadhana, there is no need to continue the Sadhana any further.
      Hanuman will do what is best for you.

  9. Namaste Guruji,
    I wish god will hear my prayer and make the desired person come back in my life forever, as she had left me for the sake of high paying job to noida from Bangalore with out even telling me the cause which I came to know after two months that is in the month of may2014. Now its been 4 months that I'm suffering with pain without her. I believe god will hear my prayer and soon bring back her to me as I have attained siddhi. Should I continue to chant the mantras or I can stop chanting the mantra Guruji. Wat needs to be done to the hanuman drawing which I drew to make the experiment success. I had stopped eating non veg, can I eat now. She had bought a cug sim one for her and the other for me. Now two days before I received a call from Vodafone that she has asked for cancellation of the sim which she gave. This is the only news which I received about her. Hope god will hear my prayer and bless me for the effort I have put to get back her.
    May God bless you Neelji. It was only the mantras which gave me faith when she ditched me.

  10. hello neel sir,
    i've selected first one mantra..
    but i m confused..
    so i've really chant first one mantra continuely or i have to chant this mantra daily 1000-1000
    plz clearfy my doubt
    thanks for hanumanjo's mantras..
    I am waiting for your reply
    jay shree raam


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