Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chitrini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

 Chitrini has been commonly described in ancient Indian Tantra as a specific kind of woman; having strong artistic qualities. There are some rare texts which I came across, that describe Chitrini as a Yakshini. A specific mantra to attract the Chitrini Yakshini  is given here. If you succeed and the Yakshini comes under your attraction spell, then she is said to shower money and all kinds of wealth upon you.

 However this wealth has to be used for good purposes only; if used for malefic and wrongful purposes you lose everything.

The Sadhana is simple; all you have to do is to chant this mantra 1000 times daily for 3 month, sitting under a mango tree. Any kind of Counting Bead and Seat can be used.

Needless to add this Sadhana is for the mentally advanced practitioner of Mantra Sadhanas; those who do not know even the basics; please stay away.

Chitrini Yakshini Mantra 


  1. please upload a simple apsara sadhna. which can guide me and protect me from evil and entities.

  2. sir, i am in emergency can you help me. i need one supernatural power who can get my lover from her house arrest..please

    1. just do FIR in police. no-one can arrest any one in house.


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