Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mantra for Knowledge

This is a Hindu Mantra to increase and gain knowledge. This mantra is recited in praise of the Hindu Goddess of learning Saraswati .Siddhi [ mastery] has to be attained over this mantra by reciting it for 1008 times daily for a total period of 21 days. This practice has to be commenced from any Sunday.
During the period of 21 while attaining Siddhi, the practitioner should abstain from all types of Sexual activities. He should have meals only one time daily. The mantra should be recited with full dedication and faith.
After attaining Siddhi there will be an increase in the overall mental capacity and he will gain in knowledge.

Om namo bhagwati saraswati parmeshwari vaagvaadini mam vidhya dehi bhagwati bhans vaahini hans samarudha buddhi dehi dehi pragya dehi dehi vidhya parmeshwari saraswati swaha ll

नमो भगवती सरस्वती परमेश्वरी वाग्वादिनी मम विद्या देहि भगवती भंस वाहिनी हंस समारूढा बुद्धि  देहि देहि प्राज्ञा देहि देहि विद्या परमेश्वरी सरस्वती स्वाहा ll


  1. is it to be recited when one is twenty one years old?or can he do it after crossing that age

    1. this mantra can be recited at any age....

  2. please tell me guru ji this mantra can be receited ina whole day or we need to put continuous hours to complete 1008 times daily further i think it takes three hours daily to enchant it and as those who are working and have family responsibilities then in that case can one enchant it in a whole day for 11008 times. plz reply guru ji

    1. 1008 times daily; you can do it in 1 go or 2 or 3 times as it suits you

  3. guruji m doin upsc and i really need it. so can u plz advice how to do it...
    how to sit n where to sit n pray...
    n wht else can i have expect a lunch or a dinner... i really want to do it dedicatly so please do reply.

  4. guruji....i want to passed any test for best Govt Job.so please tell me full vidhi of this mantra so that i can chant this mantra in a perfect way.....
    i have a same question as a ki Dakhane

  5. tell me the mantra to stop anything

  6. Superb. thank you. it really works. i had it in my childhood, i used to recite and my concentration was better, then i missed it. i put all efforts to find it since then, i cleaned all home even untouched corners but did not find it. now for my children i found it in the net. i remember the mantra, its same and i am really very happy to found it now. thanks a ton.

    P.S. this author also has expertize to give other mantras. I am damn sure they are also most effective ones, i just love it, and thanks god to found it.

    very good work.. keep it on.. bless you with success and fame, i know u already have it, but you also assured for people's belief and trust. so superb honest and responsible work.

    you rock..!!

    All the very best for future posts too..

    1. Can you please tell me how and where to recite this mantra and at what position we have to sit? Do we need to sit infront of god? pls tell me soon.

  7. Pranam Guruji,

    Here you told us, meal should be one time only.

    I have a question can we take fruit/juice 2nd time?\



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